Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work Happiness

Today was perhaps one of the most gratifying day I have had in a long time. Let me back track...

Started off the day hitting snooze a few times which is actually pretty abnormal for me. I usually hear the alarm and bound out of bed ready to work out. So I only had time to run for a half hour and no weights today. That is fine though since I want to lay off the weights a bit til after the half next Sunday so I don't have unnecessary soreness. 

I arrived at work around 7:45 (thank you very much for staying in a hotel around the corner work) and it was time to hit the ground running to finalize any last minute details for the event. 

I have been working on this even basically since the day I started in May. It was an inaugural conference and I cannot explain the satisfaction seeing something like it from inception to completion. I am very calm on event days, because you know in your heart if you have done everything to the best of your ability; and if you have then if things unravel, it is not due to you slacking. But, that is not to say there was not a lot to get done; which I did and around 10:00 it was time to be up and running. 

The next several hours just flew by. There were a couple of hiccups but they were not of my doing and, no one noticed so they will just be addressed on Friday when it is all over. By the time the reception began at 6:30 I was on cloud 9. Everyone was so thrilled with the content, the conversation, the connections that they made and impressed with how well it went. I am not one who needs to be thanked a lot and tend to get uncomfortable when given a lot of praise but, it warms my heart the great feedback I received.

There is still another day left and I have already received emails and voicemails. Not to mention I was dying at the receptions talking to some of our guests. The stories that they had...just plain amazing and beyond entertaining. I love my job and daily am happy to go in, but today I just felt so satisfied and like I really contributed a lot.

So the fast forward to returning to the hotel at 9:00...ugh. So tired, but made myself run for another 30 minutes so finished about 6.5 miles total today. Not too bad. Legs are definitely overloaded and a taper will be welcome come next week. 

I then ran to Duane Reade and got some turkey and a salad and greek yogurt and am ready to call it a night. Early day again tomorrow - have to be in at 7:30. Yay! I SO cannot wait to be in my bed soon though, I cannot lie about that. 

Hotel living is getting really old...

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