Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ING Miami Marathon: Recap

Reader beware, grab a drink because this is going to be a long one. And full of pictures. You're welcome.

Holy crap I can't believe it's over. 

Back home after what can only be described as the best.week.ever. Seriously.

Miami for vacation + First Marathon + Birthday = tough to top.

I'm still riding the high of having completed it. 

So let's get down to the business of the ING Miami Marathon the hardest most awesome few hours of my life.

As I had previously posted, the days leading up to the marathon were not exactly what I had in mind to put my mind at ease. But that is life, if everything always went according to plan it would be boring.

We hit up the expo on Saturday and I have to say - not that impressed with our swag bags. I'm a tad bit annoyed that there weren't separate shirts for the half and full. After completing one, I think it is a little sad that you don't get one distinguishing yourself. But I guess that is how they rope you in to buying your finishers gear if you want the distinction! 

Unintentional orange gear.

Sunday morning we woke up at the beautiful hour of 3:45am where it was already 70 degrees. We had an hour to get ourselves ready and out the door. We had wisely called a for a car service to get us to the start line. That was definitely a good idea; Miami's public transit system isn't the greatest or easiest and driving ourselves and parking would have been a stressful ordeal.

We had all laid out our gear the night before so it was relatively painless getting out the door. Minus - all of us were just about to leave when we realized we had not grabbed or pinned our bibs...not the most important item or anything!

We arrived near the start area at 5:30 or so and went to go use the bathrooms. (TMI) I was a little anxious at this point because I wasn't able to "go". I had cut off eating the night before around 7pm and had drank water like a crazy person but alas I started the race without being able to go. I tried not to stress about it, at least my stomach didn't HURT which was a plus, and was quickly caught up in the energy, the crowds and the music. 

My sister and I - thanks for housing us!

Running partners for life!

Ready to rock Miami!
I think that I may have said every minute or so "oh my god I am running a marathon!". Excitement level was off the charts, nerves were at bay. 

They "opened" the corrals at about 5:55 or so and this part was annoying - it was basically an honor system for them. While your bib was lettered with which one you were in - there was no one actually checking. Kind of a shit show with thousands of people. 

Just a couple people showed up to race.
The next 20 minutes or so seemed to fly by and before we knew it we had begun! It only took about 10 minutes to get through to the start which wasn't too awful. We were lined up with what should have been the 4:00 pace group - but really didn't plan to pace that out early. And a good thing we didn't.

We crossed the start and my sister took off - she was running the half and was going to be going out a lot quicker than us. I may have teared up a little in that beginning mile. It seemed surreal that it had come. Tara and I set to get on pace. This was literally impossible. I didn't stress that first mile we were trying to not weave around but it was really tough. I just told myself it was a warm up and to enjoy. Commence more yelling "I'm running a marathon!". 

Mile 2 came and we realized we were going to be a lot hotter than anticipated. We were starting to sweat pretty good already. Even worse was there was no water until about mile 3 or so. Our plan, knowing our sweat rate would be high was to take in water from every water station. I have heard so much about not hydrating often enough and there is no way to counter when you are dehydrated. So as each water stop came, we slowed down, walked through drank our water and got back to it. 

At this point it was still super congested. And annoying. People had started at the front corrals WALKING. I'm sorry I'm an advocate of needing to walk to complete - but I get PEEVED when people are SO far out of the corral that they belong in. We would get on a good pace 9:30/9:45 and be literally stopped dead by people. And based on the corral we began in that should not have continually been happening. WE should have been the slower ones. At this point several miles in, we had started to do some weaving around. Not the best decision in retrospect because we expended a lot of energy. 

I was feeling great at this point though - minus I had to pee. Of course. I knew at the start of the race I would have to stop. I took in a gel around mile 5 and then around mile 8 or so took a minute to use the bathroom. Definitely helped because the stomach started to churn a bit at this point. 

The legs though were still feeling great. I hit my first mental block somewhere around 10. I took another gu and my stomach was now starting to ache, I knew I was in for a rough stretch and I just couldn't get my breathing under control. I wasn't panting - but I was congested still from being sick and couldn't get those deep breathes in and my chest felt tight. 

It helped that as we were getting to the half way point though we hit the crowds for the half finish - SO MUCH ENERGY. And I probably expended so much energy throughout yelling to the crowds. We were literally leaping around fist pumping screaming with happiness...every time after yelling I would say ohhhh that took a lot of energy must stop...but just couldn't help myself. Having our names on our bibs was great - hearing yourself cheered on, nothing better. 

When the half split from the full it was an immediate drop off. There were SO few people on the course now. I had read reviews so was looking forward to this point to get out of the congestion. 

Tara's friend was waiting for us at the half point (our time was 2:11) with bottles of water and advil for her and we were still feeling good. But this is where we broke off. I was in desperate need of the bathroom by now and I didn't know how long it would take and told her to go ahead. She was going to ease up the pace and figured I would get back to her within a couple of miles if I stayed on my pace. 

Half way bitches!
That little pit stop cost me some time, but I knew it was necessary. 

The only problem was once I started back up again, I just wasn't feeling right. I actually walked a little bit at this point and had to give myself a pep talk. The next couple miles were spent attempting to get back in a groove, which seemed pretty impossible.

Around mile 16 I hit a wall. And I hit it HARD. I was at a cross roads. My legs, they felt amazing. They were great, they wanted to go. But maintaining that 9:00/9:30 pace which felt good for my body felt awful for the rest of me.  

I could absolutely not get my hydration under control. I was stopping at every station getting some water and taking my time walking through it. The more I tried to maintain it, the more I got to feeling dizzy and lightheaded and still could not get in deep breaths. 

It also didn't help seeing people passed out on the course, and the yellow being up stating it was under caution at the mile stops shortly after the half due to heat. 

I am not going to lie. I was angry at this point. I knew I had more in me than I was able to produce. I wanted the pride (self) of getting as close to 4 hours as possible. I KNOW I have it in me. Giving up was not an option. I knew I would finish but I had to wrap my head around that today would not be some crazy amazing first marathon time that I thought could happen. 

I took off the 4 hour and 4:15 pacing bracelets and made the decision. I was going to ENJOY this marathon. It was going to be tough, sure but I could either attempt to run myself into the ground and hate the next 10 miles or relax embrace the crowds and have FUN along the way.


 I settled in for some definitively tough miles until I hit 20. It wasn't particularly scenic going through Coconut Grove and not too many crowds (although there were a few awesome crazy dance parties going on. I may, or may not have joined in a couple). 

Too many times spectators told me "I looked like I was having fun" and that I was "so happy" and that I didn't look like I was running a marathon. Mission enjoy the marathon accomplished. 

Once I hit 20 mentally I knew I had finished the marathon. I told myself 6 miles, that's an hour of running, you've got this! Mile 22 was a good one as well - because it involved beer. Thank you spectators! You rock!!!

Post beer glow.
Oh is that a camera? Instant running posture fix.
I would periodically look at my Garmin. I knew that I could get in under 4:30 if I kept steady. Which was a good plan until we hit mile 23 or so and holy winds. They were coming at us 10-15 mph. I kept my pace steady but this was not what was needed in the last few miles. I had to take a couple of walking breaks as well and around 24 I knew I still had sub 4:30 in sight but also it was really tough. My left quad started to ache and I did kick it for a bit, until right around the end of 25 there was what looked like a ginormous incline/on ramp. 

Mentally seeing that I slowed to walk part way up it. I am thankful for whoever in the crowd started yelling but they were screaming my name and yelling that I had it, and I started running again. I saw 4:30 come and go but at this point I was just soaking up the crowds, living in the moment. 

I was about to finish my first marathon. 

I know I was screaming this. 

As I ran down what seemed like the longest chute ever I was grinning and pumping my fists in victory. 

Start of the fist pump

Almost there.

Concludes with some dueces.

This marathon turned me into a photo whore.

Disbelief, pride and joy. 

It was over.

And when all was said and done, in 4:33:05.

26.2 DONE.

We all kicked some ass.
There is not one part of me that isn't proud of that.

Did I run a perfect race or hit any of my time goals? No. 

Did I have some challenges and hurdles? Absolutely. 

Did I run the best that I could in that moment? 100%

I have been all smiles since finishing. It was the best thing that I have ever done. You have no idea how you are going to handle a marathon until you are in that moment. I now am officially a marathoner, and can train and plan for the next knowing what the experience is like. 

Could I have done better had I been more rested, not still slightly sick, more used to running in the heat etc etc...I'm not even dwelling on that. Which is an absolute shocker for me. I am usually SO hard on myself. But I am more proud of overcoming at 16 miles in to the race, my anger over the uncontrollable and producing the best finish I could and not trying to kill myself in the process. Could I have finished pushing myself - probably. But I probably would not have had the experience I did.

And as so many people told me - you never get your first marathon again. Miles of smiles. Words of wisdom that carried me far throughout the race. 

I will say a lot of the race is a daze. I feel like a good portion was just a blur. Soaking it all in. I am always impressed when people can recap mile by mile. Not so much happening here!

Speaking of mile by mile: splits to analyze:

I haven't had the mental energy to really analyze yet but there you have it.
Post race there was a beer chugged and then the perfect setting to recoup, poolside. 

Post marathon recovery should always include this view.
Now, thoughts in general on the marathon itself. Would I run it again...maybe. It will hold a special place in my heart as far as being my first so that could drive me to. But on the other hand, for such a big name event - I expected a lot more. A lot of the aide stations had to wait for water. It got a little bit boring (which I suppose any 26.2 mile run can be guilty of) but for the money I have heard of so many other marathons out there. 

Not to mention once us marathoners finished there was a significant lack of supplies. I knew this going in that since so many of the finishers were doing the half that by the time those from the full got there not to expect much.

But can anything take away from the fact that I am a marathoner? I am and will be telling any and everyone that I am.

Now on to PR the next. I can't wait.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm Officially a Marathoner!!

I did it!

Official time: 4:33:05

Did I hit any of my goal times? Nope.

Did I have the most AMAZING time ever? Yup.

My one takeaway: respect the distance and the heat - big factor in pacing today.

I will fully recap soon but for now I am in a lounge chair, poolside, reveling in how happy I am....and perhaps registering for the next!

And happy to have a mind clear from worry and stress, celebrate my birthday tomorrow and enjoy a couple more days in the sun.

Ahhh I cannot wipe the smile off my face.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marathon Eve

So here we are the day before the marathon.

Let's recap the past few days...

Tuesday woke up with a sore throat
Wednesday my entire head wanted to explode
Thursday arrived in Miami

Proceeded to work on my tan and lay next to the pool for the next couple days.

Ran an easy 3 miles Friday morning. They felt amazing.

Some great meals and good times.

Then today...wake up everything is on the right track planning to hit the expo grab lunch lay by the pool and do nothing.

Sigh should know better. Went to the wrong place for the expo. Add an extra hour on to our adventure. Then the car is dead and insert the last adventure we wanted to have on the day before the marathon.

Brings is to after 2 no one has eaten and stress level is high.

Being hangry is a dangerous thing.

So here is to the car starting us girls eating and then getting off our feet and getting some much needed rest.

Stress level needs to subside.

Has been far from the ideal week I was hoping for prior to the marathon.

But on the other hand. So OMG freaking excited. It's almost go time.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miami Marathon Plans & Goals

I don't think that the timing of this little vacation + marathon could be any better. It is getting progressively colder here in NYC and I have no tolerance for it! Enter touching down in Miami in less than 48 hours! 

With only a couple of little runs before the Marathon, I am officially STOKED. I was feeling terribly on Sunday so did my 8 yesterday - and my legs felt amazing. Rested and good. I kept the pace overall just under 9:30 and it felt like I was walking. I am hoping this translates to good things come race day.

Speaking of race day, I guess it is time to talk about my goals. 

Okay, I know - this is my first marathon, the goal should be to finish. But, I can't help it. I feel like it isn't the worst thing going in with pacing plans in mind.

According to my buddies at McMillan Running and the calculators that I use on a daily basis (attempting to return a different result? I'm not sure):

This is based on my most recent Half Marathon time - my PR from the Trenton Half in November.

So based on this here are my goals:

A - 4 hours - McMillan thinks I can do mehhhh

B - 4:10 - that would put me pacing at 9:30

C - Sub 4:30 - for some reason I have it in my head that if all else fails I want to be below this

My strategy is to go out as close to 9:30 as possible. I am pretty good at holding off on the pace. Actually that has been my downfall I think in the past with my half marathons that come the end I have SO much left in me that I end feeling I could have left a lot more out there. 

I am super scared of crashing - and as you know when it comes to distance if you bonk out and especially in the marathon - it's going to be an unpleasant few hours!

So, start at 9:30 and begin to ease my way down from there. If I could hold around 9:15 that would be okay with me and toward the last quarter of the race (after 20) push a bit more. 

Not going to lie though, the closer I can get to 4 hours the better.

Since we are heading to Miami Thursday morning, it will give us a chance to do one last couple miles of shake out in the weather there which will be crucial. I lucked out being in Florida for Christmas - and did a few really significant runs including a 20 miler so I am not feeling too bad about the heat.

Plus - the temps for the day have us starting around 60 and peaking at 74 for the day so it isn't looking (thus far) too daunting temperature wise. 

For anyone interested...they have live tracking available for the marathon here and my bib number is 3015!

Now I just need to organize and pack and stop at the running store for some more nuun and to see if they finally have my favorite Gu in stock! 

It is so close I can't even take it. 

And of course if anyone has any tips, goals, pace advice etc. I am ALL EARS!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Long Weekends FTW!

For all of you that have a long weekend, holler!

I actually would not have minded working today since I am only working through Wednesday before I leave for Miami!

To be honest I am going a little stir crazy. I know I know #firstworldproblems (I love a good hash tag that means nothing).

But when I am bored, that translates into one of my favorite past times quite often: baking.

So today I got some supplies out and this is what I decided on; Slutty Brownies. I can't take any sort of credit for this ingenious concoction but do yourself a favor and make it. So simple. And so OHMYGOD delicious.

A work in progress
Warm ooey gooey goodness.
While there is something to be said for eating clean and nutritious, I am also a firm believer in a good old fashion sugar rush every once in a while.  I myself am more of a savory person for indulging versus sweet but I love the cathartic nature of baking. Something very soothing for me in the process. And I love bringing sweet treats for others to enjoy. Hopefully my coworkers are some happy campers  tomorrow when these arrive!

Now I am off to remove myself from this dangerous yet tasty situation and get my run on. At least I will feel a little less bad about indulging after my miles are logged!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Letting Loose

3 day weekend FTW! (which I didn't know about until Thurday night, which makes it even more special).

And thus far it has been quite the fun little weekend!

Friday night had a fun time catching up with a friend I hadn't seen in a while at one of my favorite places right around the corner from me: Zack's. It is a really cute little place just a few blocks from me and has been a stand by for casual dates/meet ups.

Saturday let myself sleep in (9am rebel here) and then it was off for a quick few miles.

My new Mizuno Wave Creation's (13's again not upgrading until the next round) FINALLY arrived at Fleet Feet so it felt good to have a fresh pair and logging some miles on them before the marathon. I am in love with this shoe. But man they get pricey and I go through them so quick even though I only use them for longish runs (usually over an hour). I have several other sneaks I use depending on workout type.

We are going to own 26.2 like a boss.

Easy peasy.
Then I had something that changed my life. And no, this is not dramatic.

Breakfast of champions. And yes laziness is putting the pb straight on the banana. The banana was delicious but the real star is below...

This is a gift from the God's. Mind blown. Amazing.
I have seen this around and do not know why I didn't buy it earlier. Oh wait, I do know. I have NO control with nut butters and this sounded too good to be true. And the verdict is it is amazeballs. I am drooling thinking about it.

It was then off for another Zog's football game! I am so happy that I joined up with this team. First they are awesome and second it's a lot of fun! Still not 100% sure what I am doing other than running around a lot; but I am good at running around so hey it's something!

Gorgeous day and beautiful new turf field. So fancy.
After our game, we headed out to the bar - mind you it was noon - and it was all down hill from that point on.

The next (few) hours were spent playing flip cup, beer pong and cornhole - and having a dance party.

Note to self: a banana is not going to be the best food choice to drink on. Eat more next time.

I also love that Zogs makes me feel like I am in college once again. Helping adults make bad decisions!

It was a lot of fun to go out and be social, the team is a lot of fun and it's all about balance right? I have been so strict with myself during this training cycle but at this point I still have a few runs but I'm just ready for the marathon and they are all run easy.

Now I am going to spend a lot of time resting and relaxing.

Or going out to watch football...I mean it is a 3 day weekend after all!

Happy long those that have it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

(Phantom) Pains

Now that I am officially in taper mode for the marathon, of course all I want to do is run faster and further than I am supposed to.

Exhibit A: tacking on an extra mile and adding some speed.
Of course I have also been researching tapers and such for the past few weeks being the nerd I am to get as much information as possible on the best approaches etc. Which brings me to the apparently not totally uncommon "phantom pains".

I have been having weird twinges and aches the past few days (but conversely have felt AMAZING while running). My hips are feeling a little achy, my knee has some pain but when I run I feel fine, in fact better than fine in that I have been running faster than marathon projected pace. 

I should note: I have a "safe" goal pace which is on the slower side that I am planning on starting off the marathon with. I have my secret goal pace and then my ohmygod I would die if I could hit that, pace. I plan on starting conservative and assessing from there. Part of why when I am running faster than 9:30 I'm not TOO concerned since that is pretty slow for me; but race day who knows.

So after extensive research (thanks Google!) I have found many articles such as this one from trusty Runner's World supporting that I am not in fact going insane, am not going to wind up injured and unable to run but that this is all common in the weeks leading up to the race. Phew. I feel better but diving into the unknown distance of the marathon does drive me crazy. Unchartered waters of never having run one. A mix of excitement and anxiety. 

One thing that I have been focusing on in the mean time is making sure my nutrition is on par so here are some of my go to's and meal prep:

Obsessed with making this: ground turkey with fajita/taco seasoning then adding diced tomatoes and green chilies 
Chocolate peanut butter banana oats! Bring to work and just add water!
Tons of sauteed veggies to add to meals
Spinach, turkey sausage and roasted pumpkin seeds. OMG delicious.
Okay, NOT on the pre-marathon nutritional plan but these pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese buttercream frosting are to die for.
I can pretty much eat the same thing for days without getting bored so I spend time making large batches of meat and veggies and just am able to grab and go for my meals. I like to keep things pretty simple. I don't need fancy meals for just me! It is easy to whip up something delicious in no time at all though.

So here's hoping that I don't let this stupid taper get me too wound up. Luckily my training still has me running 5 days a week and only one extra race day next week before the marathon. 

And, since I am heading to Miami a few days prior to the marathon - with my bestest running buddy - and staying with my sister, I am thinking that relaxation and sun and fun leading up will be distraction enough from the taper. It is just getting through the next week until then that might drive me crazy.

Sigh. Runner problems.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Long Weekend + NYCRuns Central Park 10 Miler Recap

Monday we meet again. 

I am coming off a fantastic 3 day weekend. Friday I took off as it was the wedding of one of my dearest friends. She and her husband embody the relationship I think everyone wants. They perfectly complement one another. I definitely got teary eyed on multiple occasions – she was living with me when they began dating and he pretty much lived with us within the month as well, so I very much had an inside look into the relationship and watching it develop. Just beautiful.

Enough with the mushy stuff ;-)

Let’s just say that the wedding was quite the spectacular event. Gorgeous on all fronts and I consumed more alcohol than I have in a while. Waking up the first time Saturday morning was not the best. Luckily I wake up super early so was able to go back to sleep before we had to go down to the morning breakfast and check out of the hotel.

Which was a good thing because I had an active day ahead of me on Saturday. I was able to get home and run some errands and then I was off to run. Tapering down and Saturday’s mileage was just 4 which turned in to just under 5 also paced just under 9 min miles. Taking it easy? Meh. I was just listening to my body and the pace felt good. 

 I should probably also mention that the whole rest day Friday thing didn’t quite happen. I wound up running 5 miles in the morning…intervals on the treadmill. I have issues. But that workout was more for the fact that the dress for the wedding was skin tight and I felt a sweaty workout was in order.

Anyways, on Saturday I was also trying to “rush” because I had been called upon to play 2 touch football. 

Apparently the thought is that I work at the NFL which means I may be a ringer. Not so sure about that, I felt that the majority of the time was just spent running around at first aimlessly until I got the hang of it. A lot different “playing” football and understanding versus watching. But I made a catch blocked a pass to the end zone stuck with my girl and felt that overall I wasn’t awful. 

By the time I got home from all the activity in a slightly hungover state I was ready to get in bed and just chill the heck out. Especially since I had the NYCRuns 10 Mile on Sunday morning.

I love the 10 mile distance. And this worked perfectly into my marathon taper. My training schedule called for 12 miles on Sunday. So I woke up (so late that I quite literally RAN to the PATH station to head into the city) and upon arriving in the park started running to get those first couple miles in. I was on a bit of a time constraint so I was 100% ignoring the whole “take it slow” thing that I am supposed to do for the long runs. I started out pacing again around 9 min miles and got those 2 in with a few minutes to spare before the race began. 

I really appreciate the NYCRuns races. I like to do them as an alternative to the NYRR ones which at times are just crowded and annoying. I think that the group over at NYCRuns does a great job. The prices are decent for the races and I like that they are smaller. For example yesterdays was capped at 500 and sold out.  

So without much fanfare, right around 9am we were off and running. I went out faster than I would have liked but was having a problem toning back the pace. I don’t think it is AS important for the shorter distance to go super slow like it is for a 20 miler but then again since I haven’t ran my first marathon just yet I will let you know if I taper properly or not!

The first couple of miles I was just cruising along quite honestly trying to decide how I planned on pacing this race out. For a good 20 minutes there I did have some intent on going for a PR but then decided that was probably not the smartest and just settled on a pace that was just slightly hard.

A side note: I can totally feel the difference in sustaining speed. I do not think I could run a half right now and beat my PR from November. Then again I am not rested at all but still that just doesn’t seem feasible right now. 

Once I decided to not be a moron and push for a PR I actually stopped fully to fuel a few miles in. Water and a Chocolate Raspberry Roctane, which are seriously like crack. I took my time stretched a bit as well before taking off again. I should also note that also not shockingly I was not properly fueled for a long run in general. I had half a packet of Gu Chomps for “breakfast” and had that hunger feeling starting at about 3 miles in to the race (5 total) that would not go away. But on the other front, my stomach was amazing throughout this run! Which is always encouraging. I didn’t eat any crap during the week. Even at the wedding there was no dessert (because quite honestly I was WAY more interested in wine and dancing) and I have been keeping the eats clean and healthy. It really isn’t rocket science for me and my body. If I treat it well with what I put into it, it cooperates (for the most part) and my stomach does not rebel.

I was feeling good…then we got to the West Side (the race began on the west side and headed east around the park skipping Harlem Hill and using the transverse to cut across, for 2 loops). Those damn rolling hills. I was feeling it. I could tell that my legs were heavier and not rested one bit. I figured that this was the time to work on keeping the pace consistent. While there won’t be hills during Miami I am POSITIVE there are going to be points when my legs are feeling a little bit like lead. 

I said a prayer as we finished the first loop and was happy for some flat terrain for a little bit. Cat Hill was once again a bit challenging and I felt like I labored my way up it. I was running on pace with a few people including an elderly man and my focus was just to stay with them for the duration or pass them but not let them get out of my distance.
As soon as my Garmin hit 10 (8 into the race) I finally felt like I was in the clear and was kind of ready to be done running. Of course had to tackle the West Side still but when you know you are running for less than 20 minutes in my head I am basically done. 

I stopped once again completely to fuel up with another Gu and water and then took on the remainder of the race. My pace was pretty consistent throughout and during that final mile I pushed it to finish strong. 

The result: 1:32:23 9:14/mile

Not too bad. Especially considering I fully stopped two times to fuel up. 

I finished grabbed some water, Gatorade, bagel and apple and booked it on out of there back to Hoboken. The weather was very weird – it was kind of misty but not cold. I was overdressed for the race. I had worn cold gear tights and a singlet with a long sleeve shirt over…I was sweating up a storm. I knew I was going to be warm and probably should have taken off the shirt I had over. So after I was a sweaty mess and then a cold sweaty mess.
I was happy that I headed home straight away because for the next few hours – my stomach was a disaster and a half. I was glad that it decided until I was home to go crazy but then I was also nauseous (pretty sure from the lack of food) and literally shoveled a sandwich in and then curled up to sleep it off after I showered. 

And then spent the rest of the day lounging and being a bum. Which after quite the eventful weekend was pretty glorious to say the least!

And now, I am done. Rather long post, yikes! Hope you had a great weekend, I fully intend on taking further advantage of this “warm” weather we are having and doing more of my runs outside this week.