Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bronx 10 Mile Run: Recap

Another weekend, another race. On tap for today was the NYRR Bronx 10 Mile. I guess I should begin by saying things did NOT start out in our favor. To begin with I was stuck up doing work until after midnight, not good with a early wake up call. Then was lucky enough that my lovely friend Tara was driving us (I cannot stress enough how awesome - leaving the house at 5:45am vs 7:00am) FTW!

Yay for medals! I race for medals. I mean shiny things help push...

However, navigation had other plans for us and sent us an ass backwards way, the parking lot was a bitch to find, and backed up and let's just say by the time we actually parked it was past the start time. Oops. To make matter worse I HAD to stop at the bathroom prior, and what happens, I slam my finger in the hinge and take off a chunk of my finger. Just my luck. So now we are trying to figure out which way to the start line, bloody finger and all (and praying that I have not picked up a disease at the port-o-potty) as time is ticking itself away. We were encouraged by the others still in the same predicament, and finally were pointed in the right direction. I am thinking I will get to clean up my finger, grab a band aid prior to the  start, but we see them in the distance signaling to us to hurry that they are breaking down the start. No such luck, it was time to start running!

We were off. Headphones in, world out, 10 miles to get done. At this point I was still in the debating stages for racing strategy. My first half marathon of fall is in 2 weeks and I knew I should tempo some of this run but wasn't sure if I was going to actually "race" for time or not. We were running solo in the beginning; did I mention we were about 25 minutes late to start. Oops.

*side note: not the first time this has happened this season. I met with a similar fate at the NYRR Mini 10K when I almost missed the start because of the bathroom...bad trend developing here?

I had started my MapMyRun so it gives me my live mile splits. Our first one came in around 8:50. I knew we had started out at a nice pace but was a little concerned because my stomach wasn't feeling super great and knew I was either in it to win it or would be clocking some positive splits from there on out. I let Tara know where we were at and we just kept at it steady. I am pretty proud of my ability to run a pretty even pace and by 3 or so in we were still clocking right around 9 min splits. When half way I wasn't feeling like that pace was even pushing I knew deep down I was trying to stay at that tempo and push for sub 9 min miles. And off I went picking it up a bit. If I want to sub 2 for the half I will need to pace this so I knew it was a good test for what was to come.

The next couple miles came and went. I was having some slight ache in my left hip/glute area but figure that is because I decided to do an unofficial half marathon two days ago. Foot was also bothering me, but nothing where I had to slow down. (note: perhaps try stretching)

Mile 8 came, and I had not had any water or gatorade or gu at this point (me and fueling issues are for another post) and my stomach all of a sudden TANKED. I was heartbroken, I was trying to not slow the pace too much now and pretty much praying I didn't have to make a pit stop. I wanted this race. I pushed. My body felt fine that was not an issue. I was cursing my stupid stomach trying to take my mind off it with some Flo Rida just telling myself I had to continue and just rock out to 4 or 5 songs and be DONE.

And finally, the finish in sight, finish, I did:

BOOM! First race, and distance at that, pacing under 9 - 8:56!!! Ahhhh when the official results posted I wanted to do a little dance. I swear, sub 2 hours is all that is on my mind and if I don't get it after doing 13 at 8:51 Friday and this today...I will die. Okay that is a little dramatic, but I will be severely disappointed in myself.

So since we were in the Bronx right by Yankee Stadium a little bit of this followed suit:

Oh hey now Yankee Stadium!
Pose with the pole!

Lunch at Hard Rock!

Try this. Seriously, just do it.
There was a burger also involved, but let's be honest; that did not get the photo opp as it was devoured upon being laid in front of me. But that bad boy above had me buzzed for hours. Upon returning home I decided to shower and head out for some football, but reformed drinker in me spent about 2 hours nursing a beer and made it about 1/2 way through before calling it quits as visions of sitting in my bed and eating crackers and hummus danced through my head. The glamorous life I lead.

Today was a testament to my training, as much as that I do not give myself credit for just how much faster I have gotten. I have been working my ass off, I know that the miles logged, the weight loss as well as the lifting have all been contributing factors. I am proud. And can't wait to hit the pavement tomorrow morning. 100% addicted and runners high right now.

Now excuse me it is getting close to my 10:00 curfew. This grandma needs her bed! Hope you had a great weekend, and if anyone is like me; runs, brunch and relaxation = perfection.

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