Monday, June 30, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 3

TECHNICALLY I am not supposed to be running. 

I had a mole taken off a few weeks ago and the biopsy came back not so great so I had to go for an excision. They wound up using internal dissolving stitches as well as 4 external that will be removed in a couple weeks. 

It was on my upper back area near my shoulder blade so I was told it wouldn't heal straight if I ran or did a lot of twisting. 

I did take it easy through Friday but when I got out of the danger zone of thinking a stitch would pop and honestly the scar isn't straight anyways...I did some easy paced running. And all on the treadmill so that I can focus on just hitting EASY pace and kind of reign in my arms. (was actually really good practice for form since I am an arm swinger!)

Monday - REST day (went and had it done this morning)  

Tuesday - 60 minutes on the ARC 

Wednesday - 30 minutes on the AMT then an excellent hour Open Flow class at Exhale Central Park South (I really need to start reviewing all the studios I am visiting, thank you ClassPass I am ALL OVER the city and enjoying it!)

Thursday - REST day. Again. Who am I? Not much of a question these days actually. Tempted by date night. Usually wiiiiiins. Plus work was a BITCH. I was up until 11 dealing with bullshit. 

Friday - ANOTHER yoga class. This time a Level 2 hour at Yogamaya. I really loved this studio. 

Saturday - I had a chaotic Saturday...and couldn't stand not running. So I ran 6 miles, then went to a bridal shower, then ran another 6 hours, then went to an engagement party. Saturday was tiring. Running was amazeballs. And 12 miles made me not feel awful about not running all week (because clearly if you don't run for a week or two you won't ever be able to again).

Sunday - Ran 2.5 speedier miles and walked another 3 miles on an incline while using 7.5 pounders and getting some bicep/shoulder/chest work in.  

Total miles: 14.5 

Obviously this is a total low mileage week but look I took yoga twice! I really want to make it a more regular thing. 

And yes, I suck at listening to the doctor. Womp womp.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 2

Another week down! Just okay with how this week played out. I still feel like I am not in the serious portion of training as I am not running THAT long (when marathon training "long" run is relative - I don't truly count long until past half marathon distance when going for 26.2).

Still focusing on getting in the consistent mileage (and wanting to actually run) as well as continuing strength training. I am more sore from those sessions than the running workouts!

My stomach issues are the root of why I am not wanting to run. I have such a sense of trepidation for how my stomach will be and how many bathroom stops (and vicinity) I will have to make that I am spending the majority of the time on the treadmill out of fear. Sad because it has been so lovely out. 

Monday - 5.25 miles - an easy run with 4 x 30 hard efforts - legs finally felt better. 

Tuesday - Uplift + 3 mile run. Note - for one of the 4 minute Tabata's we did ALL BURPEES. I suck at burpees. Or so I found out. Another 4 minute plank series and realizing I honestly have shit core strength. Must continue to work on. The 3 miles were easy and glorious. 

Wednesday - Swapped out rest day. Saved my run for night and I was beat after work.

Thursday - Speed work.  6.15 miles. Planned 6 x 800 - my stomach was really off so after the first 800 I changed it and did a farklet workout. "Speed" paces between 7:30 - 8:30. Just felt off the whole time. Overall pace though was 9:05 so that was good. 

Friday - Cross Train I was beat - 60 minutes on the Precor AMT one of my favorites.

Saturday - Met up with Jen for a strength class at Uplift. Amazing class per usual. Walked miles that afternoon so didn't wind up running. 

Sunday - 8.3 miles - long run. Nothing much to say. My stomach hurt - only 2 stops. Sigh. 

Total miles: 23 

The next couple weeks will be lacking in runs as I had a minor procedure and have stitches in my back and was told I can't run. I pretty much do not plan on listening to that. I kept being told it would ruin the "aesthetic" and wouldn't be a pretty straight line scar. My response kept being but will they RIP OUT? If it's looking pretty only then sorry Doc in a couple days I will run (easy though nothing intense...) 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #3

It's about that time folks! Thanks to Becky for hosting each week, I have so much fun thinking back on all the ways big or small I have treated myself. 

Lately I have been trying ALL the classes due to the beauty of ClassPass! They had a special going on that if you purchased prior to Memorial Day then instead of the 10 classes per month - during summer it was unlimited classes per month! Best investment ever. And with the typical class anywhere from $25-35 in NYC - even going to a few a month is 100% worth the investment. So I have been trying to sign up for classes at all the studios I hear about. I will definitely share my thoughts on that in a later post. 

I then went on a little bit of a shopping spree. Loft kind of reeled me in at a week moment. Between upping my CC limit and having a zero balance on that card...I decided it was time to do some damage with the major sales going on. I made out like a bandit getting about $800 worth of clothing for a little over $200. Victory, right?

Then I realized my regular "commuting" black ballet flats were getting a bit rugged looking so I had to replace them...and unfortunately another pair of wedges found it's way to the cash register. Don't you hate when that happens?

My youngest sister who I was just visiting in Miami was up for the weekend so we had a really lovely sisters night (other sis lives in the city). She brought her pup up with her so HE got the pleasure of walking around NYC (and the luck of getting in to the city and off the train from Jersey a couple hours prior to the Rangers game...oh the craziness at MSG he was shell shocked!). So her pup met my sisters new pup and we had a great night of catching up, ordering tapas, drinking beers and obviously selfies for my Mom!

And finally with all these gorgeous days happening I've been treating myself to some ice cold brews. There are SO MANY new ones to try that I just can't help myself. And so refreshing especially after a hot hot run. Luckily this girls tolerance is pretty much zero so I am good with just indulging in one MAYBE a second but honestly I rarely finish it because the first one has me buzzed #cheapdate

And there we have it! I love TYT! Although mine are HOPEFULLY going to be a little bit less shopping heavy. I am in savings mode at the moment as I am planning a move and want some money in the bank! So I shall be getting a bit more creative in the treats which is also fun to remember it doesn't have to cost a lot to be a treat or special. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 1

First week has come and gone. Only 17 more of these recaps to go. Almost there, right? 

It was a pretty decent week workout wise. Plan altered a little but such as life and I am more winging it this time around while loosely following last years training schedule (just making sure to log those miles!). 

Monday: 3 easy miles 

Tuesday: 5 miles with 8 x 30 second pickups 

Wednesday: 7 miles - planned on 2 mile w/u then 3 x 1 mile repeats but as I went into the first I couldn't get any turnover and instead just picked up and dropped the pace every 1/4 mile. 

Thursday: Uplift Strength class. LOVE. 

Friday: rest day fail - 6 miles - in the morning was brought to my first November Project workout thanks to Emily (and met Ali finally!!!) we did a partner workout - one would plank the other would run around the pier (Hudson River Park @ 10th) x 5 
It was rainy and oof planks for dayssss. 
And the I ran WSH for a while. 

Saturday - Oakley Mini 10K - no goals except to see if running easy would help me not have to stop for the bathroom. No dice had to stop at Mile 4. But fun race regardless. I planned on extra miles but my stomach was shot and ever sounded way better ;-)

Sunday - my knee was a little bothersome which is strange so hit the precor AMT for 60 mins then walked for 25 mins on an incline doing some arm/shoulder weights. 

Total miles: 27 

Even though I technically didn't have a rest day last week I am counting yesterday as one. My HR was super low and it was very low impact. But definitely planning on one this week. As long as no one asks me to partake in fun workouts on my rest day that is! 

Path to Chicago is underway!!! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WIAW - Miami Edition

This is oh so long overdue but I have been wanting to share some of the deliciousness that happened while in Miami!

Sadly I was too ravenous on a couple occasions to take out the camera. 

Namely the last dinner that we went to at Jaquar - seriously if you are in Miami, Coconut Grove, do yourself a favor and go there. Between the endless ceviche and pisco sours I was stuffed (and tipsy) by the end. 

My day there we were off the plane, stopped by my sisters apartment to drop off my bags and then on a walk down to the water to hit up happy hour and an early dinner. 

Cannot get any better than some cold beers with a view, am I right?

The next day we wandered off to a great brunch. There may have only been 3 of us but boy did we do some damage. I like ordering with like minded people - none of us could make up our minds on what we we each ordered 2 dishes. Totally approve. 

However, I think my favorite part BY FAR, was our adventure down to Florida City. My sisters friend mentioned a farm stand with all types of exotic fruits and I was sold, I had to go. Luckily my sister had been there before and was up for the adventure. Enter our trip to Robert Is Here. It was seriously amazing. 

Look at these gems that we found! 

We couldn't wait to get home to taste test, so we didn't. They drilled us a fresh coconut to drink and we dug right in. Oh. So. Good. 

Just thinking about it, I want to go back immediately.

Commence flight searching. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

And So It Begins....

Training for Marathon #4 that is! (And 5 but I mean I figure NYCM is only a few weeks after so there isn't much ADDITIONAL training - right?) 

Chicago Marathon Week 1 has commenced - with me staying in bed and pushing my workout to tonight due to the torrential downpours. 

Starting with a bang. Oops. Damn rain. 

I am going this one without a coach and without any crazy lofty goals. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to PR (4:26) but I am not going sub 4 or bust this time. I am focusing on speed and all that and plan to follow the structure based from last year with my coach but I am more concerned with continuing to develop as a runner. If I happen to get in under 4 hours then fantastic but honestly this is a journey and I am not sure if I will be there then. As I learned last year (the first year I ran a marathon and then a few more) the marathon is a beast - and learning to pace one is tricky business. 

Last year sucked the life and fun out of it all for me and I semi hated running by the time it was time to run (and a DNF in the goal marathon didn't exactly lift my spirits).

Things I need to work on are getting my stomach in better shape (seriously would love to get to the point where I don't consider it "just the way it is" that I have to stop in 90% of my runs for the bathroom) and proper fueling. 

I have a list of things I want to test out for the next several weeks - including fueling with "whole" foods vs Gu and Chomps and such during my runs as well as testing out GenUCAN which I have heard has worked wonders for a lot of people with stomach issues. 

So here we are the beginning of another 18 week journey to 26.2 and I cannot say I am EXCITED per say (good bye to some of my weekend social life), but I am ready to get this party started. 

My plan more or less is going to be 5 days of running, 1-2 cross training sessions and 2-3 strength training sessions. A lot but I think my biggest mistake was losing the strength sessions during training last time. I definitely deteriorated as a runner so I am going to make them a priority. I will be posting weekly updates (contain the excitement) and can't wait to see how I progress through this cycle.

I know a lot of others have begun training as well - so a collective WOO HOO to everyone else out there. Here goes nothing!!! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #2

It's about that time folks! Thanks to Becky for hosting each week, I have so much fun thinking back on all the ways big or small I have treated myself. 

I was in Miami for vacation part of last week, so one of the biggest ways I treated myself was by slowing down and enjoying my time. I gave myself some very much deserved (if I do say so myself) R&R and while I was definitely active a lot I also indulged in the lounge chair poolside living life quite a bit ;)

I gave up coffee for the duration of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge so I would be lying if I didn't say one of the first things I looked forward to was a trip to Starbucks - and the laughs at their attempt at my name. Never let's me down. 

I also spent some quality time with my Kindle and FINALLY had the time to read the last two books in the Hunger Games Trilogy. I was so sad to finish and it was nice to not have a movie to refer to for the final book! 

Something I have been eyeing FOREVER!!! OMG. I am obsessed with this now, and this blog. Do yourself a favor and get one, like, immediately. Veggie noodles for life.

And, last but not least. I am not one to shun a sale - my new shoe obsession the Saucony Kinvara 4 is a steal on amazon so I splurged for another pair. This shoe is fantastic. Light weight and breathable yet definitely has a lot of spring to it. I might just have to stockpile one more pair. There are SO many colors! #wantthemall 

I am planning on a post from my Miami trip - the best part may have been the food. All the seafood and all the deliciousness - was definitely some treating worthy of it's own post :)