Monday, September 10, 2012

Manic Monday

Boy, was today a crazy day! I knew going into it that it would be. Between a long weekend for Labor Day and only being in the office a half day last week prior to San Francisco, coming in today and starting with a bang with an 8:30 meeting...I knew I was in for a doozy. It was actually one of those days that went by so quick that you wish you had more time because your "to do" list was not getting any shorter.

I'm also going to be staying in the city the next couple of nights because I am throwing an event for work, so that is nice to be right there but the thought of packing another bag, ugh. For the past two weeks I have been home about two days total. I need some quality time in my own bed!

Things that did make my day a little better, this lovely item finally picked up at work:

What what! NY Giants baby! Can't wait to wear this Sunday!
I finally left work some time around 6:30 or so, only to enter into madness at Port Authority. I swear some times that place makes me want to scream, but what can you do. Walked in the door at home about an hour later, only to walk right on out for a quick little run. I needed to test out these lovelies for real:

No way you can miss me in these new Asics SpeedStar 6's!
I only did a few miles considering I logged some pretty heavy mileage over the weekend so just kept it easy and hit the treadmill (totaled about 4 with running to and from the gym). And verdict thus far; love. Lots of cushion, I will probably use them mostly for mid mileage runs. I will say they were a bit looser than my other Asics but they felt good on my feet and my feet definitely enjoyed the ride.
I then came home with no desire to really cook anything and did more of a crudite of tempeh (straight out the package, I didn't even heat or saute or anything) and some veggies with hummus on the side. Simple, protein filled and delicious. I am definitely happy with simple clean meals. I don't need anything elaborate. And, you'll find, I can eat the same thing day in and day out and be quite content.

Is it funny; that pace felt slow - was hard to not kick it up a bit.
Now time to pack, yet again. Man life is tough. Filled with awesome, but exhausting!

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