Friday, February 27, 2015

Weight Watchers Week 5

So let's just get down to it shall we?

Weeks weight loss = +1.0 lbs

Total loss to date = 7.4 lbs 

I am not surprised at all the gain. I knew that was going to happen 100%.

I had my period so that didn't help.

I also fell on some ice and was home from work both Monday and Tuesday. And had bought jelly beans for work so let’s just say that those jelly beans wound up eaten by me in my boredom and Netflix binge watching. By Wednesday I had pulled myself together but yeah I knew I had overdone it. Not rocket science and no surprises here with the scale reflecting it. Other than the jelly beans it was a pretty good week.

I know it about me that I just can’t have food around that I can mindlessly munch. Know your downfalls!

The other thing that has helped is my Lent resolution to not spend money – which means all meals are brought from home and no buying anything on a whim. A week and a half in and my wallet definitely already feels that positive impact!

Been pretty good with workouts per usual even though I am barely running. With the help of ClassPass I have been to so many new classes and shaking up my workouts – a lot of good things planned out as well in advance. A good mix of spin/run/yoga/strength classes.

So here is to no more jelly beans and staying on track. And happy that my weeklies have reset – this girl has been waiting for a glass of wine! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Weight Watchers Week 4

Another week, another weigh in! 

Not the most exciting post but knowing I am going to post about it helps keep me accountable :) 

Weeks weight loss = 0.6 lbs

Total loss to date = 8.4 lbs 

I am not surprised at all by it being a little less - but regardless moving in the right direction. 

I was snacky all week long which makes sense as it is now that time of the month. I had a very difficult time reigning it in at night. I didn't really go over points but I utilized the majority of weekly and activity for the first time. 

Plus the the cold and long weekend made for less time being active and more time sitting on the couch ;) 

It does help that I keep NOTHING to really munch on in the house so when the will to boredom eat hits I don't have many choices! Minus all the roasted carrots. That is still going strong. I am waiting for my skin to begin to turn orange. 

I will say that I am curious to see how much I will lose before it becomes more "difficult". I am a few pounds from where I was in 2012 when I was feeling most confident but I was also more muscular then. I am really working on hitting the weights and starting to see some more muscle definition, so yay for that! 

And also yay for weeklies resetting for the weekend so I can have some wine. I have been waiting all week for wine because I will NOT drink if it comes down to my last few points for a snack versus food! 

And I have one of my favorite bottles of red waiting to be opened. 

Happy Friday all! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Giving Myself A Break

It is no secret that life has been a bit tough lately due to IBD.

Again my medication has stopped working that was prescribed. And sadly my doctor is on vacation and I have a couple weeks before I am going back in for another minor procedure to hopefully shed some light.

Apparently things aren’t jiving between my symptoms and what was fully transcribed from my colonoscopy from the previous doctor so the new one is a little baffled (but he is awesome, like seriously love him) as to some of what I am going through because doctor numero uno’s records might not tell the whole story. Biopsy/images showed results that leaned towards Crohn’s but symptom wise am showing more UC.

So, yay for new procedures (honestly though I told him do whatever you want I just want to figure it out) but boo for feeling like hell for another couple weeks. The meds started failing again about 3 weeks ago so I have been back in hell. A normal hell for me though as this is going on 5+ months.

But anyways I had a whole different point for this post!

I was trying to get back into running. I had sights on spring half marathons. Not to race but just to get to races.

I was feeling better.

Mileage was increasing.

Even speed a little!

Then it all just got too hard with how I was feeling and I realized I needed to stop pushing myself and trying to keep a Type A training schedule. Maybe running all out right now just isn’t the answer. It just feels like I am punishing my body through hell for no reason.

So I stopped putting the emphasis so much on running. I’m running on days that it feels right and I have that urge. You know, the must run right now, I can’t wait feeling.

But other than that I have been enjoying lots of other workouts. And not killing myself to work out. If I need to sleep in, I sleep in, and hope I have the energy after work. I do what my body feels is right on any given day.

I took my Classpass off of hold (it had been on since I moved) and have basically been visiting #allthestudios

In the long run I am getting stronger with the cross training and when I am ready to really really get back to running without it feeling like punishment it will probably help. But in the meantime I am trying to lose the anxiety I imposed on myself trying to run 4-5 days a week on a specific schedule. I was so anxious to come back from the stress fracture that I stopped listening to my body which was fighting me every step of the way.

So here is to eventually feeling better, but for now being more in tune with what my body is telling me and not making myself feel worse unintentionally. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Weight Watchers Week 3


A Friday the 13th at that! 

This felt like a never ending week for me. 

It has been a crappy week on the Crohn's front - the medicine seems to have just stopped working and I am frustrated beyond belief again so my stomach was iffy throughout the week again. Enough so I had to stay home yesterday because I just couldn't get out the door in the morning. 

I have become obsessed with roasted carrots. As in I have eaten the entire bag that I roasted in a sitting, more than once this week. And then have guilt. Carrot guilt, is that possible? (It's more the eating to eat guilt but it's better than the crap I could be snacking on mindlessly, right?)

Weeks weight loss = 1.8 lbs

Total loss to date = 7.8 lbs 

To be honest I was kind of surprised to see it. I felt like my workouts suffered this week, a few meals out over the weekend, plus I had an early Valentine's day dinner Wednesday and maybe annihilated a bag of trail mix the other day :)

The first few weeks are always the biggest losses though it seems. 

But I stayed within my points by compensating veg heavy other meals which goes to show: it works. Time and again. Moderation, good decisions, all that jazz.

Not to mention the number on the scale right now, I haven't seen in ages. I managed to only get on the scale ONE time before my weigh in. I am very determined to break the scale habit - something I am working on every day and it is getting easier as each passes. 

With that another down, and just keep on going!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Weight Watchers Week 2

Week 2 is down!

I figured I would report on them so that I can be held accountable. Kind of like training recaps when leading up to a big race. 

I can honestly say that for the most part I am eating the same as I was prior to rejoining WW. The 2 biggest changes are that I have been even more cognizant of portion sizes and am replacing snacks with more veggies than fruits. I love not calculating fruit/veggie point values (I was calorie counting them, ugh).

I am also not snacking as much at night anymore. And have replaced my 4 + large coffees a day with a lot more green and herbal tea. I do tend to still back load my calories. I like to make sure I “save” for the night (in general though I am not that hungry in the morning ever a quest bar pretty much does it, I am not making myself go hungry) in case I get snacky but I don’t just eat because I have the points left so there have been nights with 1 or 2 remaining.

Some days I eat activity points some I don’t. I cashed in on my weeklies my first week but only used I think 15 last week - because, wine.

Which is good because after this weeks weigh in, I went down a points plus value to 27. Insert crying sad face.

Which obviously means that I had another loss!

Weeks weight loss = 2.2 lbs

Total loss to date = 6 lbs

I wasn’t expecting more than a pound loss but I will take it.

I should also note it has been a really rough week in terms of the IBD – I seem to have taken a step back this week which hasn’t been too fun and has curbed my desire to eat as well as effected my workouts since it’s been a struggle. So there’s that.

I know it’s not all about weight but I am happy that I am losing – in general these past few weeks as I am being more mindful I have noticed my pants are starting to fit better and less bloated than before (also helpful that I am getting the IBD treated now).

Happy to be back on WW I sang its praises previously when I lost about 30lbs on it – it works and teaches you about balance. Want to splurge, go ahead just balance it out. And isn’t that what it is all about?

Until next week! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Treat Yourself Tuesday: Birthday Edition!

Last week I turned yet another year older and had a lovely time celebrating. And I thought it was a perfect opportunity to link up with Becky for another Treat Yourself Tuesday!!!

First off the day before was treated to a snow day. I can't complain about that. Working from my couch, in my pj's? THAT is a treat.

I honestly don't expect much as far as birthday's go. I am VERY low maintenance about celebrating my birthday. Call me crazy but I just don't think it is THAT big of a deal. Is this old age? 

The day started off with walking up to my desk to some goodies.

Next up I was treated to a sushi lunch and then my absolute FAVORITE a Carvel cake!!! You can try and feed me the most exclusive gourmet cake, but it all comes back to ice cream cake for me. 

I then got home and walked in the door with the boy waiting with some lovely flowers before we were off to dinner at a French restaurant I have been dying to try, Aperitif

Dinner was everything that I wanted and more. I had a delicious vouvray (x2) and then this absolutely phenomenal vegetable risotto with truffle cream topped with grilled shrimp. I was so happy that the dinner lived up to the hype. I can't wait to go back. I was only sad that I was full from lunch and cake at work so didn't have any appetizers or dessert there. 

Then for some presents! I got a couple of C. Wonder goodies - a monogram wine stopper (which is a pretty excuse to open a bottle of wine obviously) and dish for my jewelry. Side note still super bummed that they are closed. 

And then an enticing offer popped in my inbox for 50% off so I had myself a little field day at Loft. I mean SO CHEAP how could I not? And look at these dresses! They can be worn in winter and transition to warm weather really well. I love love love shirt dresses, they are so darn comfortable.

And then my sister got me this lovely shirt from Peace Love World - seriously I want to live in it, it is so luxurious. 

Overall it was a day filled with love and spent with the people that I love the most. Just enough attention was paid to me to be embarrassed (I mean having happy birthday sang to you in the middle of the office = bright red face!). I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and am thankful to have so many caring people in my life! Thank you to everyone for sweet messages all day long!