Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How is it only Tuesday?

Another crazy day done and done. Started with the lovely 5:00 wake up for gym session número uno. This happened:
Look at that average HR
And then I did biceps and triceps. It felt really good to lift. I didn't get any really good sessions with weights in while away and the weekend was chock full of long runs so hitting the iron was great. As much as I live for distance running I also equally love lifting free weights. I just love the gym in general!

Today was super busy at work with a conference going on today and then prepping for mine which is Wednesday and Thursday. Also am living out of my suitcase again as work has me staying at a hotel yay! And boo. I really am missing home and bed.

To make things more fun had a work dinner. It turned out to be awesome but it was long. Like 3 hours long. And I didn't want to eat and obviously not drinking because I has to run again. I just ate about half a burger without a bun and a side salad.

FINALLY checked in to the hotel at 9:30. I actually contemplated skipping my run but luckily that was a fleeting thought and I banged out a few more to finish with 6.7 miles for the day:

Gotta get those miles!
I was super famished after so just had a chobani plain yogurt, some grapes and rice cakes that I brought. Since you know I am like a soccer mom with my preparedness!

Now watching some history channel specials while reading and hoping to pass out soon since that 5am wake up call always seems to come way too soon. The next 48 hours are going to be nuts. Let's hope this event goes off without a hitch!

September 11: Never Forget

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