Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taper Fail

I tried, I really really tried. But, I failed.

Let's back track to the beginning of the taper week. So Monday as much as it literally bored me to death and pained me I took an absolute rest day. I walked and stretched but that to me is nothing. I seriously do not understand how people are capable of not exercising forget each day but at all! Blows my mind.

Anyway. So Tuesday morning was ready to get after it, albeit in a "calm" way. I did a bs hour on the elliptical. But lord it felt good to at least move before work. I didn't want to do any lifting to create soreness nor anything out of the normal...or too much running. Famous last words.

Tuesday night training called for 4 miles. I decided to tempo and warmed up for a mile or so before hitting pace and held it til the end. Going slower felt abnormal so I stuck with it. Nice quick and sweaty run. Although the gym was super humid and my breathing was actually labored although my heart rate was only around 150 max.

This morning I again hit the gym for an hour on the elliptical. I can't help it. I haven't been setting my alarm in hopes that I will "sleep in" but I keep waking up at 5 like I normally do so just am rolling with it and doing an easy workout. Not going to lie though all I could think about was running. My legs were itching for it since I had been doing 2 a days 3 days a week tapering this week feels so weird.

Which brings us to this evening. I brought my gear to work and was going to run with my friend Tara along the West Side. My training plan called for 30 minutes but figured an hour easy would be no biggie...yes, well, famous last words.

I'm in love with my spibelt. And mirror pictures. Sorry, I'm not sorry.
So first I walked the mile to meet her at her work, then we walked it to the water. Before we even began running I had walked almost 2 miles. But whatever walking doesn't count.

So we start running. And let me tell you - tonight was absolutely glorious. I will never ever take where I live nor the ability to run for granted. A tad warmer than anticipated at the start but turned nice and crisp as we ran down Chelsea Piers and to Battery Park. Decided to turn around with her instead of splitting and running to the PATH at World Trade. Well...we kind of realize that it is getting late all of a sudden and picked up the pace...and all of a sudden realize that I am still kind of far from the 33rd Street PATH as well as at 7 miles already. Oops. Not to mention we started running pacing around 10 and were splitting in the 8's by the end. Easy? In theory no, but yes in that my legs felt awesome and like I could run forever. When all was said and done (I ran home from the PATH once I returned to Hoboken) I had run 9.2 miles around race pace. So much for a taper! But I wouldn't have traded that run for a few easy miles. It was amazing.

this in the city...

plus this in Hoboken...

equals this! 9.2 miles of fun later!
I swear though. Tomorrow - sticking to the plan. 2 miles. That is all. Then total rest Friday and Saturday.

Famous last words. I know. Wish me to leave you with some of the beautiful sunset over the Hudson this evening. (you're welcome).

Yes that is a little bit of my finger on the last two. I'm such a good photog, thanks. Also thanks mother nature for making this perfection. I can never get enough.

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