Monday, September 17, 2012

Long Runs and Football

So yesterday was a bit crazy so this is a day behind! What a lovely Sunday it turned out to be.

Started off the day waking up at 6:00 for my final long run before the season kicks off. 12 miles on tap. It was just gorgeous out! Fall is really starting to come through. I was also excited because I had my new spibelt to test out. I have no idea how I lasted as a runner this long without one by the way. As well as planned to do about half the run on the track up in Weehawken (at least I think that it is Weehawken, the towns change so quickly that I am never quite sure where I am...unless it is Hoboken!) I figured it was the best idea to give my legs as much of a break as I could and would appreciate the cushy track.

I decided to not actually eat before the run, instead decided to rock the gu. First up was the espresso and then packed away some vanilla and chocolate to take at miles 3.5 and 7.5. The plan was to just keep the pace slow. Not trying for any time goals with this run. I ran 13 as well as 10 the weekend before under pace; plus rocked out in the 4 miler under as well. Not trying to push my luck. 

I finally took off around 7:20 or so and I felt good. I don't think I will ever get tired of the feeling of elation I get from running. My mind is soothed, and I am truly happy. Sure, some times the runs absolutely suck and my body is not where my head is at but I am so conditioned that those runs are fewer and further between. Of course I get portions of a run where I hit a wall, get an ache, a side stitch, stomach gets upset etc, but for the most part it is just happiness. How do people hate running?

Started out heading toward Sinatra and got to the water and lord it was just gorgeous!

 The run up to the track took me about 3.5 miles. I got there and fueled with another gu, happy that my stomach was cooperating. I was pacing around 10/miles which was perfectly fine. This run for me was for the mileage vs. the time. Got to the track and started the monotony of 5 miles or so going round and round. I really zone out on runs like this so for the most part it wasn't too bad. But, I started to get achy on my left side (knee/shin/glute) towards the end of it so don't know if that was aggravated because of going around the track counter clockwise or just sore from my workouts/race (I was feeling it there during my race as well). I also finally got bored and was quite happy when I reached enough miles to head on home. I took another gu and then headed back on down with a little over 3 miles left to run.

Then, I just hit a wall. And HARD at 10 miles in. My body I think was just beat. I have done a crap load of mileage the past few weeks and doing doubles and races etc. I know that tapering my mileage this week is a welcome respite. I trudged on through even though my legs felt like jello/lead. I also felt that I was moving at a snails pace but funny enough my splits after showed that I was under 10 min miles still. Perception vs reality. 

Not going to lie though, thoughts of DD pumpkin spice coffee kept this girl in the game! Pretty much finished my run right outside. And, immediately forgot that any of the run sucked. I'm alright with the stats for this final long run:

I can't believe from here out it will be half marathons on weekend not long runs!
I didn't have much time when I got home because guess who got free tickets from work for the Giants/Buc's game!? THIS GIRL! 

I quickly whipped up egg whites wrapped in a tortilla, as well as canadian bacon on the side and wolfed that down. I was still hungry so spread a tortilla (seriously best part is that these things are LOW CARB okay moronic distance runner...) with some hummus. 

Mmmm look at all the food you have to eat for that burn ;)
Yup, I ate in bed. It was delicious.
 I then showered up and prepared for mimosa fun before heading to the game. And you know..also for heading to the game. Half the fun is the roadie right?!

Hello lover. Aka, mimosa roadie.
 The afternoon was beautiful, although it got HOT! We were definitely all sweating just a little bit. Beers and hot pretzels (yay carb reload!) help with the heat though. Obviously. Thank you high calorie burns for guilt free fun! But I can't really complain, amazing seats (I love my job!) and after what was looking like a really bad outcome, holy amazing comeback and the GIANTS WIN!!! Seriously, just a plain awesome game. Was thrilled to be there. 

Hi. My name is Gianna and I love my life.
Getting home was less than desirable since everyone basically stuck it out for the end of the game, and it took forever. We went to the bar to meet up with some people but I a) had no desire to drink any more and b) was tired of being around crowds and visions of laying in bed were dancing through my head (wooo I rhyme!).

End of the day called for a sushi feast and movies/football. All in all, quite the perfect day and quite the active weekend for this chick! I was definitely a little bit tired by the end of it! 


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