Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hartford Marathon Training Week 6

I have about 4 posts that I have started on other things going on in my life at the moment but unable to complete because of lack of time to sincerely focus on them. 

So in the meantime before the week is over a brief recap of last week!

Monday: Cross train 75 minutes (60 elliptical/15 bike) + 25 minute total body lifting circuit - cross training really does reinforce just how much I prefer running. This felt like agony at times.

Tuesday: 7 Miles with 10 x 30 hard into run + Core - this run went really well - I warmed up at 9:30 then paced around 9:00 - "hard intervals" were run at 7:30/7:45 and then finished off around 8:45 pace.

Wednesday: Speedwork day: Hill repeats - warmed up with the Fleet Feet fun run that my coach hosts and by the time we hit hills I was at 4 miles...idea was 5 800 up hill 800 recover - I managed 3 x 800 (4:27, 4:20, 4:05) and 1 x 400 (2:03) my glute was killing me and I felt it wasn't worth it to do it - then cooled down with 2.5 miles for 10 miles total. Love midweek mileage. Don't love random butt pains that I can't figure out how to stretch. 

Thursday: 4 easy miles + lifting - I was told to cross train if I felt in a lot of pain and I honestly couldn't stand the thought of it: 4 miles:  9:35, 9:17, 8:55, 8:38 + 25 minute circuit without any lower body work. Still feeling twinges of pain. How does one stretch the butt right damnit?

Friday: REST and how how I reveled in this rest day!

Saturday: Long Run - 12 garmin less miles of ecstasy. And by ecstasy I mean I am just happy I didn't have the Garmin to stress. Probably around 2 hours total.

Sunday: 5 miles with mile 3 in 8:30: 9:35, 9:05, 8:20, 8:45, 9:22 - this run felt tough. And I still have a shit ton of problems figuring out how to pace 8:30ish and below. I just go out too fast start to die and have to reign it in. I will learn. I hope.

Overall, when I look at it a good week of training. But in general I am having some tough weeks mentally. My head and heart are not in the same place right now. Probably due to personal life and work like being so.damn.busy. I am having oodles of self doubt as I have mentioned and I just need to figure it out.

More on that later. 

For now...holy shit balls another week down!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hartford Marathon Training Weeks 4 & 5

Well just realized when I went to finish recapping this week, that I forgot to publish Week 4's training.

So here it is, two weeks in one!

Week 4: This was a phenomenal week of greatly executed workouts! Really felt progression

Monday: 6 miles - miles 3/5 under 8:50 pace - 5.11 miles - 9:34, 9:10, 8:30, 8:51, 8:31, 8:05(.11 mile)

Tuesday: 3.5 miles + lifting - 3.5 miles - 9:40, 9:11, 8:50, 8:24

Wednesday: Speedwork - Became rest day since I was at work god awful late.

Thursday: Rest - 8 x 800 repeats - goal pace 2-2:15 - 2.5 miles warm up @ 10:25
800's  4:14, 4:10, 4:06, 4:00, 4:00, 3:57, 3:57, 3:51 - 2.5 miles cool down @ 10:27 - AMAZING workout

Friday: 4 miles + 4 x 1 min stride - 4.5 miles - Garmin died

Saturday: 2 mile warm up - Belmar 5 at MGP - 3 mile cool down - all as planned 2 miles @ 9:43 race: 8:50, 8:56, 9:18, 8:59, 8:55, 7:36 (.07) cool down 3.2 miles @ 9:50

Sunday: Cross train day: biking + swimming

Week 5: This week = the most sucktastic week of training in like a year. This week has me questioning if my goals are too lofty.

Monday: 3 miles + strides / 3.4 miles: 9:25, 9:20, 9:11, 9:06 I also wanted to die in the humidity in this run. I hate it.

Tuesday: Speedwork (5K trial) - 1.5 mile warm up @9:15 / 5K: 8:08, 8:58, 9:41, 8:08 2.5 mile /cool down @ 9:20 - hit pace and then shit just blew up, got hard and I gave up. I straight up walked at points.

Wednesday: Rest day - Elliptical 45 + strength. I needed to get my head together and woke up early (stupid body clock) so decided to gym it.

Thursday: 7 miles with 10 x 30 sec hard - 3.5 miles of suckiness. Head 100% out of the game and dehydration killing me in the  heat and humidity.

Friday: Cross train - Bike 30, Elliptical 45 legs still beat the hell up

Saturday: 4 miles + strides - 4.5 miles that were still effing hard. hating running at this point and questioning everything.

Sunday: 10-11 miles - 12 miles. On the treadmill. It actually wasn't awful. Would do the first 1/2 mile on an incline @ 10:00, then second half speed up to 9:30

Overall - that amazing week of training and hitting paces and building confidence - was 100% killed by this past week. I need to get it out of my head and move forward with the next week because right now all I can think is that no way in hell I am going sub 4, and now doubting if I can run a marathon. Sigh. Must move forward.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Overcoming a Fear: Sports Bra Run

So today I finally checked off something that has intimidated me for the longest time: I ran sports bra only.

Now, I may have done this not only at 5am but also at the beach where I am pretty unlikely to run into people I know. But I did it. And man was it liberating. I also did it in my tiniest short shorts. Doesn't get more naked than this. Go big or go home....errr something like that perhaps more me being a fan of matching.  

Pre-run: Exhibit A

I by no means have abs (unless in a certain light combined with a certain degree of dehydration - then I have some baby abs ;) or any sort of mid section that is enviable but this fear was spurred into action this weekend for just that reason. I do not think I am fat (although I jokingly make fatty comments about my never ending runger) but I do know my short comings. 

Each week running along the beach there are hoards of men and women of all shapes, sizes and degrees of being ripped and I find myself not JUDGING them rather wishful that I too was rocking a run sans sweaty shirt weighing me down. So if I am envious of them I should stop worrying that people are judging my physique and just get on with it. 

And couldn't be happier. This is not to say I will be heading out sports bra only for all my runs now. There was a definite level of self consciousness that I will need to get over that I can't have when trying to hit an important run. 

But this mornings run was an easy shake out with strides in race prep for tomorrow so I know it was a perfect time to test it out. 

Although I would like to say "easy" was how the run was supposed to be. This was one of the shittiest runs in a while. 95% humidity at 5am I felt like I was running underwater, through quicksand with dead legs. Not an exaggeration. 

But isn't it so pretty? FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. Stay inside. 

I digress...the joy of not having a sweaty top stuck to me may just be in my mind next time I am debating an unhealthy treat. Since we all should know by now that you can do abs all you want but they won't be revealed until you lower your body fat percentage. 

Post Run: Exhibit B - I sweated ALL the sweat today

I would love to get to the point where I 100% don't care but for now...I've done it and survived and did not feel judged by anyone. I was actually more conscious of my breathing than what I was wearing. 

And overcoming a fear...THAT is a perfect way to kick off the week. 

Not to mention a little less laundry ;)


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Belmar 5 and a Long Run

Today's scheduled workout was the Belmar 5 mile - sandwiched in the middle of a long run. 

I'm going to be honest. My alarm started blaring this morning and every thought led to "I don't want to do this". I think the best part of my morning was realizing I had the start time wrong and had an extra half hour to snooze. 

So the plan was easy. Run a couple miles to warm up, "race" at marathon goal pace, then a few miles to cool down. Basically tempo the race. 

I looked at the weather report. It was 93% humidity with rain threatening. 

Plus full disclosure: I went to happy hour Thursday. It went until the wee hours of the morning. I was still feeling it when I woke up. Old age is a pain. Suffering for having too much fun. 

I finally threw myself out of bed realizing I had about 10 minutes to get out the door and needed to get my ass in gear. 

I was quite literally out the door and running with the start right up the street. 

2 mile warm up @ 9:43 

I ended at 8:29 and the race was off at 8:35 with 2,500 other folks. 

It was pretty hard to get on pace (MGP- 9:05) off the bat. I lined up where I figured I could hit pace easy but not suffer and go out too fast. But it was congested. Regardless. 

Mile 1: 8:50

I was feeling pretty good for the most part. The humidity was definitely heavy but luckily clouds were covering in the beginning. 

Mile 2: 8:56

We were around Lake Como and I was wishing for some of the breeze along the ocean. I was also cursing that I missed the first water stop. It was on the right and I was running on the left around the lake to hug it. I didn't have water or food prior to leaving the house so was thirsty as a mofo. 

Mile 3: 9:18

I grabbed two cups of water through the second stop and also stretched for a moment as my right hip/glute was tight. I was also just counting down to half way. I needed to get over that hurdle. Getting back on pace after stopping felt impossible and I couldn't find it for a couple minutes. 

Mile 4: 8:59

I got back to pace and was over the half way hurdle I was good to go. I walked through water yet again. I cannot run and drink for the life of me. 

Mile 5: 8:55

Once I knew I was almost done I was just like this wasn't bad, done already! My BODY was alright with this pace just the stupid weather. And well I was hungry and thirsty. 

Overall. Umm executed pretty well just like coach wanted! But I really must say if I wasn't reporting back to someone I would probably have eased off to 9:30 miles and coasted. Hence loving accountability and that extra urge to push. 

Post race took off immediately for my cool down. 

3.2 miles @ 9:50

When it also decided to start raining. Hi squishy shoes. 

And drowned rat status. And tan. Who gets a tan with clouds and rain? ME. 

So another "long run" in the books. 10 feels like such a baby amount to call long. Especially since I ran 10.5 doing speed work! But I have to remember that I didn't run this just easy. I think that is going to be key this training cycle. I am running so much more at a faster pace. And this weekend also concludes month 1 of marathon training. Seriously...how have we come this far already? 

Another big thing on the horizon: 5K race/trial Tuesday. I am already losing sleep over this. I bleeping hate 5K's and am anxious for humidity and heat and just how uncomfortable it will be. 

And yes I know I opt to put myself through all this! 

For this! Medals!!!

I think when the going gets tough I just need to keep on chanting "sub 4 marathon" to myself. That goal will keep me going! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Speed Work: Hurts. So. Good.

Every week when I get my plan I sit there with a mixture of anxiety and excitement to see what will be on tap for the speed work that week.

Forget anticipation of 20 milers...Wednesday's for me are my "oh god will I be able to do this?" day of the week.

We are now in week 4 and here is a recap of what has been done thus far (not inclusive of warm up and cool down which is usually adding an additional 4-5 miles):

Week 1 - 6 x 800 with 400 jog recovery between

Week 2 - 16 x 400 with 60 seconds rest between and 400 jog after first set of 8

Week 3 - 5 x 1 mile repeats

Which brings us to this week:

Week 4 - 8 x 800 with 3 minutes rest (stop, walk jog whatever needed) between

Work has been absolute insanity for me. I work in operations for a global TV station that is launching it's American news channel in about 5 1/2 weeks. Shit. Is. Cray. But, I absolutely love it.

But that also meant I got home late last night. I started running at 8 something and promptly turned around. There was no way a quality workout (and this would hit double digit mileage) was happening that late into the night.

I tabled it in favor of a 4:30 wake up. Holla!

I hated my alarm a tad bit this morning but once started was in the zone.

10.5 miles total for this lady this morning!

My goal paces today were 4 - 4:15 for the 800's. I decided to start conservatively and it felt more of a cruise pace than an interval pace. I jogged the 3 minutes after and that seemed like too much as I set off a little faster for the next. Again felt too easy. I then cut down recovery time and progressively made them faster. All in all it wasn't until the last couple that I felt like I was really running intervals. My legs felt great and breathing was great.

And, can I just say, I like 800's! 400's make me want to cry and mile repeats make me want to punch someone in the face. *I am not dramatic at all* But it is a perfect distance. Over quick enough but not too quick a pace where I feel like I want to kill someone by the end.

I can also say that after looking back at week 1 of 800's - although a slightly different workout - from my log I saw that the paces 4:10-4:15 felt hard by the end. PROGRESS!!! Success. This is why I have my oh so smart coach! (Whom I still need to tell you all about).

It also felt good to sweat it all out. And sweat it out I did. My shoes were squishy by the end. (TMI? running is sexy) And my braid was a frizzy fro. Lovely.

The true test to speed will be the 5K I am running as my speed work next week in Hoboken. I am trying to not psych myself out (I seriously loath 5K's with a passion) but I really want to kill it. Regardless of what happens, I am just happy to see that things are really falling together. I WANT TO BE SPEEDY!

Happy Happy Thursday! No better start to the day than knocking a prescribed workout out of the park!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hartford Marathon Training Week 3

I swear that I will post something a lot more interesting than my weekly training recaps but I've been out and about enjoying summer in the down time between work craziness and the desire to be in front of a computer has just been sincerely lacking!

There has been a lot of time spent at my "happy place" aka Belmar. Say what you want about the Jersey shore but I wouldn't trade this, for the world.

Glorious Sunrises
Post run breakfast views.

My weekends are comprised of bikinis and running gear.
An FYI - my posting of workouts will show prescribed, and then the ACTUAL.

So without further ado, here we have it. Week 3 done and done.

Monday: 1 hour - 75 minutes CT + 15-20 minutes strength / Elliptical 45, Swim 40, 25 minute total body circuit

Tuesday: 7 miles + 10 minutes core / 6 miles : splits: 9:53, 9:30, 9:17, 9:38, 9:42, 9:25, 8:23 + planking and crunching fun

Wednesday: Speedwork / I choose rest....and happy hour. A girl's gotta have some fun right?

Thursday: Rest day became track day  - 2 mile w/u + 5x1 mile repeats @ 8:34 w 3 min rest + 2 mile c/d this.sucked.so.much.

Friday: 4 easy miles + Core + any extra CT / 4 not so "easy" miles: Splits: 9:05, 8:52, 8:34, 8:21 - but these miles felt good!

Saturday: Long run - 11 easy, slow miles / 11.06 miles: Splits: 10:01, 9:59, 9:51, 9:40, 9:36, 9:49, 9.51, 9:49, 9:42, 9:50, 9:43 - I couldn't get out of bed I started this at 7:30 and that was way too late. Must start earlier. I was a sweaty tired ass mess at the end. Also need to start eating before...I've said this to myself the past few weeks, at some point I will.

Sunday: 1 hour - 75 minutes CT + 15 - 20 minutes strength / 75 minute Swim + body weight exercises for 25 minutes - swimming felt fantastic.

Total: 30.5 miles for the week

And look, only 4 - you saw that - 4 days running. AND I'm NOT FREAKING OUT.

I am putting 100% faith in my coach and her altering my workouts based on performance. After rocking out the mile repeats and not dying reassessed the rest of the week and changed accordingly.

Things were feeling tight and sore for a while and have loosened up and my paces seem to slowly be dropping in what feels comfortable - and in this heat and humidity, I will count that as progress!

Feeling confident in the training thus far. But can't believe I am about to close out the first month of it. Time.Just.Flies.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hartford Marathon Training Week 2

Ahhh better late than never? Yes? No?

This shall be quick!

Monday: 6 miles with 6x30 hard in the middle of the run: Done on the treadmill because work is sucking the life out of me: Total time: 55:01 Splits: 9:31, 9:18, 9:20, 8:41, 9:15, 8:56

Tuesday: 1 hour cross train: Elliptical and total body lifting session

Wednesday: Speed work - warm up fun run with Fleet Feet - 3:75 miles then TRACK! 16x400 with 60 seconds rest between an easy shake out 400 half way through the set and then run home 2.35 miles to cool down. This was with my coach and holy smokes. I.Hate.Speed.Work...but love it at the same time!

Goal pace for the 400's was 2:00 - Mile 1 avg 1:47, Mile 2 1:55, Mile 3 1:53, Mile 4 1:55 for an average of 1:52 - 7:28 miles.  Need for speed! I was wiped out after this workout. Hi burning legs! I guess I have it in me to be a bit faster than I think. This was total killer in the humidity though.

Thursday: 5 miles: Total 5:41 49:23 Splits: 9:15, 9:31, 9:18, 9:30, 8:17, 8:26 - I was pushing at the end of this, and dying as well. Probably ran it a lot harder than I should have.

Friday: Rest Day. Ohhhh I am really starting to enjoy rest!

Saturday: 9 miles + core - This was sucky at best I struggled the entire time. Splits: 10:01, 9:44, 10:09, 10:14, 10:27, 10:19, 10:13, 10:20, 9:39

I may or may not have been hungover. No comment.

I also ran this mid day. I.Am.Smart.

Sunday: 3.5 miles  1/2 mile warm up then 3 miles run in 8:30 or under: w/u 9:22: 8:50, 8:09, 8:05 - again a total struggle to push myself in this humidity. Another really difficult run. Running slower is so much EASIER. Who would have thought!

Total miles for Week 2: 34.26