Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back in NYC!

As sad as it is for an amazing trip to end, I am pretty happy to be in one place and back at home! 

This summer has been a roller coaster. 

Mid July my job finally ended (for those who don't know my company closed so after 3.5 years my job that changed me career wise was over).

Then I was hired to freelance at both the RNC and DNC so spent two weeks on the road. 

Then I jetted off to Europe for three weeks! I spent the bulk of my time in Croatia then went on to Italy and Spain on my own. I will plan to recap but in a nutshell...trip of a life time. 

Until then just a little preview.

Basically how we spent our days. Sailing to an island, dropping anchor, and jumping in the Adriatic.

Our boat crew on the Split Kiss!

Italy! I was just captivated the entire time.

Sangria in Barcelona. Enough said. 
So now, I am back. 

Jobless, but not stressing as I have some things in the works. I am lucky enough to be okay for a long while and am toying with continuing the freelance route or going full time. We shall see where the cards fall in due time.

And, back to the grind with marathon training. I was SO active on vacation (averaged 12-15 miles running/walking every day) but never ran more than 9 or so sooooo my first long run back should be super fun!