Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Friday!

I just love when the week flies by! It’s Friday, I’m one happy gal over here. Even more so because I stuck to my guns and have taken it easy since Wednesday’s unexpected long run. That’s right. I even “slept in” until 6:30 this morning! Rage on. 

Even more impressive is that I did not run yesterday (yes, I am impressed by my own control. And no I’m not concerned that my “control” is the fact that I did not run. If you’re a runner you should get how hard it is to not hit the pavement on these perfectly awesome days we are having). Instead I did a session on the elliptical in the morning. My intentions to run a couple miles at night were thwarted by ungodly conditions at Port Authority after leaving work late. I knew I was tired, beat down and it would really just have been junk miles. I am conditioned; a couple miles are not going to make or break anything at this point. The training and effort is there. If anything I might wind up running a couple tomorrow just to shake out the legs no intentions or training purpose. I just feel slovenly.  Again, how do people stay sedentary? 24 hours and I am going insane.

I am not feeling nervous about trying to PR. But I do want Sunday to just GET HERE already so I can get down to business. I also don’t want to be cocky by thinking I will definitely get it, but all my training and times are pointing towards it. Less than 48 hours and I will know! I love the amount of pressure I put on myself. But hey if we didn’t have goals we were working towards life would be dull. 

On a completely unrelated note to running, I should mention that I think I need to enter into an Amazon Anonymous program. I have the prime package where it is free two day shipping. That combined with one click purchasing has a bazillion items delivered to my apartment in the past 24 hours. Please see the ridiculousness or awesomeness as I prefer to look at it; that has come. I open some packages and forget what I have purchased; and mind you I did the purchasing a mere day or two prior! Therapy needed.

Here we have: case of pumpkin, case of 100 calorie packs of cocoa roasted almonds (do the math 7 packs in a box, 12 boxes...a LOT of almonds!) sweet leaf flavored stevia (vanilla creme, I die) and banana cream casein (fingers crossed this is good)
So now, half way through Friday, the weekend ahead of me and for the first time ever I just want it to be Sunday! I am trying to think of some things to keep my mind off of the race as well as to do to keep from going insane and dying of boredom. I have a feeling it is going to involve me spending money. 

TGIF!!!! Enjoy the day!

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