Monday, June 20, 2016

Let the Marathoning Begin!

This fall it will be 2 years since my last marathon and after thinking I really had no intention of returning to the distance this year, apparently I will be.. and sooner than later! 

I took the plunge and registered for the Philadelphia Marathon.  After tossing around between that, Indianapolis Monumental and Richmond; I decided that proximity and the late nature of the marathon (read: cold temps pretty much guaranteed) won me over. 

Yup, it is real! 

And because I am a sadistic idiot, I signed up for an ultra marathon in July. 

I am going to use the term ultra very loosely here. I have absolutely no goals. 

Okay, that is a lie. My goal will be to run at least a marathon over those 6 hours, anything over that will be a bonus. 

I couldn't help myself. The race is pretty cool. It is from 5pm - 11pm and over that 6 hours you run as many 1.3 mile loops as you can/want. Bonus it is about a mile from where I live so I felt obliged. I looked at past results and people do anything from 15 - 40+ (lol no just no). 

I have a very solid base already as I have kept up long runs even when not in training. I am ramping up for the race since it is in oh about 5 weeks. I did a very solid and awesome 15 miles this past weekend after 13.5 the one prior. Given it isn't like a true marathon - I assume plenty of stopping, walk etc. I think I will be fine. 

Philly training will continue on after that. I will most likely take a couple down weeks depending on how I feel and reduce the mileage before gearing back up. 

It is all a loose plan really at the moment - and quite frankly I am most likely going to continue this laid back training approach through this cycle. 

I have no lofty goals for the fall marathon. I have never run one being healthy before (read: always dealing with Crohn's even when I didn't know it). So I am hoping the health I have right now continues on to then. 

My PR is 4:26 and I think I am capable of much better, definitely in the low 4's. I have set a goal half marathon for about a month prior to that in a hopeful PR attempt as well. 

I know I have gotten faster and usually after a summer training season more speed develops so excited to see what happens! 

Now here is hoping that I continue to enjoy the long runs as much as I did my 15 miler this weekend (it was amazeballs). 

Have I mentioned just how enjoyable long runs are when you do not pay attention to pace? I embrace going slower than slow and goodness it is so much better. 

PSA: do not be afraid to go slow! I ran this at a 10:45 pace and the next day did a progression run where my last mile was 7:30. 

And that's all for now!