Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rest days = My bank account hates me

It is official, I am going stir crazy! On one hand congratulations to me - I have not run since Wednesday night. But seriously...I am just ready to get out there and go. The weather has been so amazing looks like it will be on point for tomorrow as well.

Apparently boredom though has lead to me making some purchases. First up:

Yes you have read that correctly. Two more half marathons. Although, one is for spring; the 13.1 New York. That was the first one I did and roped me into this crazy world of running so it holds a special place in my heart. Plus, it was on sale. And lord knows that I love a good sale!

Next up...another fall half marathon. That being number six over eight weeks. Next weekend was free from racing which was kind of sad, and NYC Runs sent me a lovely email about the Narrows Half at the bargain price of $30 so it was kind of a done deal. My rationale is that I would be doing a long run on the weekends regardless so why not do it in a race?

Which brings my updated fall race schedule to this:

Who do I think I am? I kind of love it.

I needed to stall getting home last night since I was staying in and needed to not be totally bored so figured it would be a good decision to stock up on Gu at Fleet Feet. Bad decision. Bad bad. But oh so good! They had just moved a bunch of gear to the sale rack which means I walked out with this selection. A little more than the anticipated $10 on Gu, but since I am in workout clothes twice most days it is 100% worth it. Plus with losing weight I need smaller things (#weightlossproblems).

Heels obsession replaced by new gear.
I just chilled last night cooked a simple dinner and spent some quality time in my bed. Another big fail was upping my carbs. I am so used to a 40/40 carb protein split that I ended the day without upping them (I wanted to be around 60). Oh well. I don't normally up my carbs too much so sticking with what my body is used to is not a big deal. I am adding in some today but nothing crazy. Although I should add that my special addition is snacking on peanut butter filled pretzels (which will also be my prerace breakfast) is not too much of a hardship!

Unfortunately, I was up so damn early today that boredom yet again set in. I have managed to clean a ton (seriously, I even washed my curtains) gone through my closet for clothes that are too big to donate, cleaned out drawers...and this was all by 9am. Which got me thinking about the Garmin I have wanted FOREVER.

I decided I should treat myself (because I clearly have not been doing that AT ALL lately). And wandered out for some DD coconut coffee and then to Fleet Feet again. Which, found this beauty in my possession!

Look at my new BFF!!!
I AM SO EXCITED. Seriously. I am not sure I can contain myself. I cannot wait to run. I really wanted it for tomorrow since I keep hearing that the course is a little bit longer than 13.1 and also I want to make sure I am on pace. Not too fast, and not having to make up too much. If I can start around 9/9:05 and then negative split that would be perfect. Just the way that I ran the Bronx 10 Mile when I paced 8:56. Ahhh so excited.

Now off to find something else to clean since I am incapable of sitting still.

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