Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shaking off a Disappointing Race

Pretty sure by now it is evident that Saturday just

As much as the photos might try to depict otherwise.

I'm sure an f bomb immediately followed

One of my race goals is to try and make sure I spy the camera and am ready
And I am not going to lie, I carried that with me the rest of the weekend. Ultra competitive me was just pissy. (And I suppose doesn't help that it's that time of the month one bit).

But, I set out on a run Sunday and did a nice 8 miles. My legs were pretty tight  from the race proving that I had put forth effort and it felt nice to just shake them out with no actual goal in mind, or rather, more importantly, truly not CARING how fast I ran.

I took some time to reevaluate my training and what I could change up. And I more or less came down with two things:
  • More strength training
  • More speed work outside
  • More cross training
  • Seriously, stop eating ALL THE FOOD
I think the treadmill is a very useful tool. But I was completing anywhere from 5-7 runs a week - and only 1-2 would be outside. Actually false statement - there were plenty of weeks that I did my long run on the treadmill. Thanks winter. Glad you are FINALLY coming to an end.

The treadmill does not leave you race ready, or at least not me, and definitely not when I have a significant goal in mind.

I will be dusting off the Garmin a lot more now and bearing the elements.

The fact that it is warming up ever so slightly is encouraging and had me in a skirt and short sleeve shirt for a lovely 7 miles last night (okay - it got really kind of cold, and frickin windy on the water but I barreled on through!).

What an absolutely AWFUL view.

Also hit the weights each morning this week thus far! And am feeling equally sore. Kettlebells give you one killer workout I tell you.

And - more cross training, cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates - you get in anything that is NOT running.

Helpful that my friend has joined my gym since we have a pool and she is training for a Half Iron Man. So now I will be more willing to get in the pool (I was a swimmer once upon a time!).

Oh and just a minor footnote - "diet" is back in full force. That race and my stomach issues was enough to a) get my ass in gear to eating clean 95% of the time and b) a note that going faster feels better the less you weigh. It's not rocket science.

I think the biggest take away here - is to CHALLENGE myself. Go faster. Do fartleks. Run some sprints. Lift heavier weights. Do things that are outside of the comfort zone and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I am not sure that I have another opportunity this spring to really gun for a PR in the half. I have the More/Fitness Half but will be doing 7 miles prior to the race for NJ Marathon training. Then two weeks after the full I have the BK Half - and not sure how recovered my legs will be to run hard.

That being said, I have been (frantically) clicking away and trying to find something that could fit in with marathon training and also my current schedule.

Enter, the Asbury Park Half Marathon. Took all of two seconds to consult with Tara my race buddy and we were signed up, hotel booked and ready to go. It's 2 weeks prior to the marathon so perfect for taper. That weekend I have a free entry to the BK 15K which is the following day which I will probably relinquish. Because you know THAT really isn't necessary two weeks prior to the marathon.

Idiotic move? perhaps. But I love it.
Whether I redeem myself or not, that is yet to be seen but I just NEEDED the chance to have a good race. One that I can actually kind of race. That close to the marathon I will have to be careful but I know the plan will be to AT LEAST get close to my current PR.

So here's to continuing training. Diversifying what I am doing and chasing that PR down.

I know I really have to focus on the marathon as well, but this go round I am not changing much training wise (as in dropping everything and just running like I did for my first in January, Miami) I will just be adding mileage to my long run.

Which scary fact = only 4 more long runs until taper. Where did time go? And man I don't think I have had any "off" training time in since...2011?

Attempting to turn a bad race experience into a positive, because I love this sport and sometimes the bad is necessary to get to the good. I'm a total nerd, I know.

When you have a bad race, or fail to meet a goal, how do you usually react? Try to race again asap or take a break?

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  1. My initial reaction to not meeting my goal at the NYC Half was to try to run another race immediately, but I realized that would be a bad idea since my body was just not feeling strong. I tend to listen to how my body is feeling, I think.