Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April + Sugar Detox

It's April! Happy April Fools Day - and it really feels like Spring out there today. That equals happiness for me.

This week I am taking part in Laura's sugar detox challenge.

In general I don't have a sweet tooth, but there is a lot of added (and often unnoticed) sugar to a lot of "healthy" things that I consume daily.

For instance, I often buy sweetened almond milk, protein bars, protein powders, nut butters, dried fruits, gels and gu's and greek yogurts to name a few and some have alarming sugar quantities.

And, I am a big abuser of "fake" sugar substitutes. Me and stevia are BFF.

It is no secret that I have been having rampant stomach issues lately and think that this could possibly help. If for nothing else - it cannot HURT me any more to see what happens.

More on workout recap and training plans for this week later on.

Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Monday - I know I had a little extra spring (hehe) in my step this morning since it was absolutely gorgeous!

And don't fall prey to any April Fool's pranks!

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  1. So glad that spring appears to have finally arrived!!