Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF. Seriously.

Hey now, good seeing you Friday! I feel like this is a common saying lately but holy week. 

I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow at a time that does not begin with a 4 and not be in the office for 12 hours. The level that I have been functioning at on 4-5 hours of sleep has me impressed.

The good part is I have been so ridiculously busy between training and work that the week just flew on by. 

The bad news is, I am beat down, mentally and physically but powering through. Also, feeling bloated because I have been feasting on carbs, and epic amounts, at night due to starvation during the day and not getting nearly enough food in for the crazy activity level I have had this week.

I gave myself an intervention yesterday though and made sure that stopped. I puff up like a balloon and retain water on carb overload and I wasn't feeling my greatest. Happy to say the balance is back and I hope it stays that way! There will be a serious meal prep this weekend. That is for sure.

I am pretty proud though in the midst of all this craziness I am probably about to hit one of my highest mileage weeks and things really seem to be coming together for the half next weekend. 

Let's have a little breakdown of training so far this week:

  • Monday - 6.18 miles - Easy pace - 9:24 recovery from the weekend
  • Tuesday - 5 miles - Pace - 8:49 was going to go longer but I noticed some foot pain
  • Wednesday - 10 miles - Tempo - Pace - 8:54 - as I reported this run was amazeballs
  • Thursday - 4.5 miles (morning) - Pace 8:50, 6 miles (evening) Pace - 9:03
  • Friday - 2 miles - Pace 9:02 - prior to lifting

I mean look at that, I am about 34 miles and still have long run tomorrow and a recovery Sunday. I'm pretty happy with how this shaped up thus far. 

Also my paces - are getting a lot better. My comfortable pace is inching it's way down. I love seeing training pay off.

Things I am not so happy with...I am having foot pain. I am in the process of self diagnosing because that is obviously the way to go. And it seems like it could be tendinitis. It only just started so I am hoping that ice and stretching can help. If it stays at the level it is at now I should be fine for the half. Running doesn't hurt per say (and also my crazy threshold for pain sometimes can be my worst enemy because I tend to work through things until too late) it's the flexing motion that hurts. 

Meh. That's all I can say about that. 

So here is to making it through just and sleeping in tomorrow. NO ALARM for this girl. And if I wake to the clock saying anything after 7 I will consider it a victory. And lounge around gloriously in bed. There will be no rushing out the door in the morning to run. It is supposed to be chilly still so I will be waiting until mid day regardless. 

Happy Friday and for all of you racing this weekend, GOOD LUCK!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!


  1. You. Are. So. Inspiring. Seriously, I'm going to look back at these posts when I'm working and feel like I just can't fit a run or workout in.

    Also, maybe try a few days off from running for the foot? And some yoga and pressure point rolling? Those tend to help for me!

  2. Happy Weekend! You sound like you deserve it!

  3. I'm so jealous of your week of workouts! I want to ruuuuuun! Good luck with your race. Kick some butt!