Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gnarly Training!

Or at least Daily Mile thinks so!

I suppose it was a pretty good week, I am happy with it. Inching my way back to 40 mile weeks. I want to continue to keep the mileage up so that when I am adding back in the long long runs for the marathon it is with ease. My goal is to not drop off the speed work or strength work this marathon cycle.

And speaking of keeping the mileage up, Monday turned into an 8 mile (recovery?) kind of day.

I would like to thank my stomach (or errr too much All Bran the past few days possibly, sorry for the TMI) but yes I had to make a couple of bathroom breaks in there.

Overall, those 8 felt surprisingly great given I haven't had much time off. But that is what I want, to have my legs getting used to the mileage and 6 day running weeks.

The only thing that was off was I was feeling dizzy/light headed at some points. I am not sure if it was dehydration or under fueling (I barely ate before this workout) but I was feeling kind of queasy. Note to self fuel better and this shouldn't happen.

After the run, I hit the weights for a total body circuit.

I was definitely shaking by the end! But boy do I love a kick ass workout to set the tone for the week.

Let's hope that the rest of the workouts this week continue on as well. I am still nervous where my fitness will be at for the half in a few weeks, but I do feel like I am slowly but surely gaining more speed. I am inching my way down for where my conversational runs are paced at so progress is happening.

Slow and steady progress hopefully translates to me getting speedy :)

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