Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Happy Wednesday and Happy SPRING!

Someone should send a memo to Mother Nature on that one because the frigid temperature with gusting winds on my commute to work this morning were not feeling very "spring" to me. I am ready for no jackets kind of weather. The weather that we got a preview of last week for ohhhh about a day

I am the person that will ditch the jacket the SECOND it becomes acceptable. Or even not acceptable, just where I won't absolutely freeze my behind off walking outside for 10-15 minutes without.

Was I the only one super annoyed to leave work on Monday evening only to be greeted by this scene:

As pretty as it can be I am more than ready to say so long to the snow and hello to sunshine!

Not to mention my shoe choice left a lot to be desired in this weather:

Those are peep toes FYI. Snow covered peep toes. #fail
I woke up Tuesday morning to an icy slushy mess of a situation.

I was slipping and sliding my way to the gym. Running outside was not even an option. Apparently people decided that that the expected snowfall was going to be minimal enough that salting was unnecessary.

I am ready to wake up and actually see sunshine. Or at least for the sun to be out when I am ending my workout because it still being dark is totally unacceptable.

Although this morning I was getting a glimpse of the beginning of a beautiful sunrise as I walked my way home after my run. The colors were definitely going to be gorgeous I wish I had been running on the waterfront!

Courtesy of my IG of course as were the previous.
I am stalking the weather for my race Saturday and the high right now is 47. I am happy that at least the race begins later at 9:00am so hopefully it is warming up a bit. Haven't 100% decided if I am going the pants or skirt route yet though. It's more about the fashion/color options than the comfort here; let me be real about that. Once I decide on my top the rest will follow (the serious side of running folks).

If by some miracle the weather changes in the next couple days and the projected high is in the 50's this girl will not complain one little bit!

So hope everyone is enjoying the week and the official start of SPRING!

And also I need to bottle up my discontent with the cold for when I am cursing waking up at 4am on the weekends to get my 20 milers out of the way before the sun gets too hot. But I keep telling myself I would rather be dealing with excessive heat and humidity than the cold!

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  1. I am so ready for this winter to end. It feels like it's been cold forever!!!