Monday, March 18, 2013

Taper Week + Injury (?)

Happy Monday! 

And for those that raced over the weekend (which seems like EVERYONE) a big CONGRATS!!! It seemed like this weekend was PR City. And I am SO having a case of jealousy and can't wait to race my pants off.

Kind of. 

I'm a tad bit worried about my foot and what is going on with it. But not worried enough to go see someone about it. I have a feeling that the advice and/or diagnosis is going to go something like "oh hey maybe don't run so much on it" or "total rest".

And all I can say is with my race schedule...

I've got training to do! Half marathons, Marathons and Ultra's to run!

On Saturday I had some magazines to read so I spent a lot of time on the elliptical with that before running a good 3 miles at HM pace. After I walked it out on an incline for a while. I just felt the need to be moving but knew I shouldn't run too much with the long run on Sunday.

My foot felt a little achy, but it feels better running than anything else. I should say that I was responsible and iced it...but that didn't happen. I did stretch out a lot focusing on my calves which I was told to do since if it is tendinitis then that would be helpful.

Sunday I was super lazy and more interested living vicariously through everyone racing the NYC Half to get my butt out of bed. I woke up so that I could watch the coverage which was awesome. GREAT race by both the men and women! But then had lots of trouble motivating.

Mr. Hal Higdon called for 2 hours of running - not specific mileage so I finally set out around 1:30 or so. 

My foot pretty much "ached" the duration of the run. Not unbearable pain, but definitely uncomfortable. I'm less than amused. 

I managed to cover 12.5 miles in those 2 hours. I tried to not pay attention to pace only to keep myself dialed back when I took off out of the gates sub 9 min pace. Bad news for a LSD run but hopefully good news come race on Saturday!

On another note, I have once again gotten to the bad habit of not fueling for these "long" training runs. My stomach and fueling improved greatly over the fall since I knew I HAD to do it for the marathon - however - I took one gu during my run on Sunday and oof disaster. I probably won't be fueling for the half this weekend. Especially if I am on track to PR. I do not have a stomach of steel and will need to retrain it in the next few weeks for the NJ Marathon.

I am going to actually taper this week! So with drastically reduced mileage and both Thursday and Friday off I am hoping that helps a bit. Plus I guess I will stretch. And maybe ice. Or something like that.

Anyone with a great race weekend? Tell me about it! And let me live vicariously through you! 


  1. I hope you feel better!! Ain't nobody got time for running injuries!

  2. Yes, there were some huge prs this weekend, so inspiring! I hope your foot works itself out with a little extra rest... tapering should help!