Friday, March 22, 2013

13.1 New York Goals

FINALLY! Real racing begins this weekend. I don't count my 5K a couple weeks ago as "real" racing, even though I won a trophy and all.

That was fun, but the torture that is a 5K and all is not something that I look forward to on my racing schedule.

This weekend the fun begins!

Low number love! And BEER. Bring on the beer. 
This weekend however I am running the Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 New York. This is the race that started it all, and will be my third year running. It is a fun race and will probably continue to run it for sentimental reasons.

If I wasn't already iffy about my ability to PR tomorrow, I would like to thank NYCRuns for the extra vote of confidence (in today's racing email):

13,1 New York 3/23 - Flushing Meadows Park wasn't created for a half-marathon, but that's part of the fun at this annual 13.1-series event in Queens. The sharp turns and loops make the Allstate 13.1 uniquely challenging. Not a PR course, but definitely one of the most interesting! As with all of races in the 13.1 series, this one will feature a 5K as well.

Womp, womp.

While we are on the topic let's discuss what my goals are for this race:

  1. A Goal: PR which means anything under 1:53:14 for me. I may be laughing at that.
  2. B Goal: Under 2:00
  3. C Goal: Under 2:07 (last years course time)
I genuinely have no clue how tomorrow is going to go.

First I suppose let's discuss workouts. I did 3 runs and my final run on Wednesday was a 30 minute tempo and let's just say my legs felt heavy and I was breathing heavy. HM goal pace was not feeling the best. Always a confidence booster when trying to run for 15 minutes at goal pace feels awful.

I kind of failed on rest days. Sure I didn't run - but I did an hour on the elliptical yesterday and some elliptical plus an hour on the bike this morning. Oops.

My foot is feeling SLIGHTLY better, but it's still sore. However pain is pain. It's probably going to be bothersome whether my pace is easy or all out so I mean mine as well go all out to get it done faster, right?

And then we have my stomach. I haven't made it through a run over 4 miles in about a month without a bathroom break. I am fine with stopping just hoping if I have to it just happens right off the bat so I can get on with it. And I know I've mentioned but funny enough my PR from November is with a bathroom break. Sheesh I was speedier. Time to lay off the carbs.

But all in all, I am looking forward to racing. I know whatever happens I will have a good time. I have a pretty tough race calendar this spring and just am looking forward to kicking things off!


  1. Good luckkk!! Have a fantastic run and run hard :)

  2. Have a great race!!! Will be thinking about you and rooting for you!