Saturday, March 2, 2013

Here I Am!

Damn. Life has been straight up busy. It feels like it was just yesterday that I wrote my last post but it was over a week ago.

The good news is, I am alive!

But what a couple of weeks it has been.

It has been hard, mostly on a personal front, I have a lot that has happened and a lot of challenges have been presented and I just didn't have too much to report nor is this fun little fitness blog the outlet for those (at least at the moment while it is all happening) so I just had to step away.

I just needed to break from social media for a bit. I haven't been on instagram or facebook much and am still yet to start up with twitter! But I'm back now!

I returned from Indianapolis late Monday night (thank you very much planes not showing up and flight delays...)

While my last post was discussing the challenges I faced trying to get in my training while I was working 12 hour days and at dinners/late nights each night.

I am happy to report I somehow still managed to get in a 30 mile week.

It was a matter of grabbing runs when I could. Meant a lot of speedier short runs and lacked a long run, but running was just the name of the game. If I had a break for an hour I was going to run 3 miles shower up and get back to work. I didn't sleep a lot and was the most shocked that I did not wind up sick by the end lasting on 4 hours of sleep most of the time.

I got back on Monday night and even though I didn't get to bed until after 1am (I am stickler for unpacking and doing laundry right away, thank you type A) I was up and in the gym at 5:30 to get back to business as usual Tuesday morning.

I managed to get in some great workouts and with some juggling got my schedule to "normal":

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - 4 miles morning / 6 miles night
Wednesday - lifting morning / 6 miles night
Thursday - full body lift morning
Friday - 4.5 miles morning

Normalcy feels great when it comes to my workouts. When I am unable to stick to my schedule I just don't feel "right". I am such a schedule person.

I am also happy that the weather seems to be warming up some so I can probably start ditching the treadmill more! Woo! This cold weather wuss can't wait.

So there we have it. I have lots to report and other things to discuss on the running front but for now I am happy that I am home, have a day off (it's been 2 weeks without!) and can just rest up a little bit.

Oh and HAPPY MARCH! We are inching our way closer and closer to Spring and I for one am ecstatic about that!


  1. This cold weather is NOT letting up here. :( achhhh!
    I'm not a schedule person, but missing workouts for an extended time definitely has me feeling "off".
    Great 30 mile week, even with how busy you've been!

  2. Even without considering how busy you've been, your workouts were amazing. Your commitment is really inspiring, Gianna!