Friday, February 22, 2013

Traveling Fun and Workouts

Greetings from the lovely and beautiful Indianapolis!

Or, err, cold, rainy, sleety and snowy. But same thing right?

But a couple of thoughts on this city since it is my first time here:
  • The sky walks - are amazing. If you don't want to go outside you do not have to (and considering it is hovering in the teens or something, I'm going with the option of not)
  •  The people are seriously friendly. At lunch yesterday - the restaurant wasn't busy and our server pretty much joined us at the table (okay, kind of borders on awkward but he was nice!)
  • I really want to run outside. It is nice and flat and there are some good paths. However please revert to previous posts on my thoughts on running in the frigid temperatures (and now icy paths)
  • The city is pretty much an entire ad for the NFL. I would like to know the cost of the branding for Combine.
Right off the plane. Boom

Sky Walks.

Under Armour Gear. It's UA heaven out here.
I have now been here for a few days working, and life has been a whirlwind. 

Pretty much consists of meetings beginning at 7/8 working through to 7 at night, dinner and then drinks followed by collapsing into bed at some ungodly point after midnight.

I'm just trying to hold on and keep up here. Work hard play hard? Ugh not for this girl. I'm in survival mode.  These men twice my age put me to shame!

I usually turn into a pumpkin around 9pm. I live life on the edge I tell ya!

But I am pretty much loving every minute of it. I seriously love what I do, and count my blessings constantly.

I am the biggest loud mouth on having no excuses to not work out, but I will say it has been challenging thus far. My schedule is jam packed and I am having to sacrifice sleep in order to get in my running. And lifting...sorry, that has not happened, I am doing what I can.

Luckily I planned things out so that I would be ahead of the game with mileage this week if this exact situation occurred. But so far this is how the week has played out since arriving:

  • Tuesday - 4 miles - intervals
  • Wednesday - rest day
  • Thursday 3.5 miles progresssion
  • Friday - 4 miles easy
So overall not too bad. Sunday I did 11 and Monday I did 8 so there was some good mileage in there to cushion the week. But it will be a lower mileage one for me. 

I am trying to make the best of the shorter runs by doing them speedier than I would. But missing a few miles is not going to derail my training in general (and to be probably a blessing in disguise as I have really been pushing myself lately).

I struggle with finding a balance some times. I am usually going full speed all the time. Plus I have been so busy that eating much has not really happened. I am lucky if I shove down a protein bar and piece of fruit by 3pm. 

Anyone else struggle with traveling for work and fitting in your training? Vacation is a different story - I always get in my scheduled training while away since I am in relaxation mode.


  1. This isn't something I've struggled with personally, but just in terms of long work hours, it seems like early AM workouts are just the only way to be sure it gets in.

    Also, I still don't understand how people are able to get by without eating until 3pm! I'm such a food guzzler I'd be passed out on a sidewalk somewhere ;)

    1. I've definitely been thrown for a loop this week. The days are SO long! And going to bed at 1am...waking up at 5 to work out has been tough. But doing what I can.

      And trust me...not eating is not by choice. I am usually on breakfast number 2 by 9am :)

  2. ooo you have been busy!
    I am always itching to run when I'm in a new area - simply because I love the change and exploring on foot!

    You still had a great week of workouts , despite being super busy!

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