Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sandy: An Update

Whoa. What a week it has been.

The good news is, that I am safe and sound. The bad news (although bad is questionable) is that I am stranded in Miami.

Right. Things could be worse, obviously.

I will write separate updates for the half marathon and 5K in another post just realized in the whirl wind that has been the past week that I was overdue for an update on my whereabouts.

I got to Florida safe and sound last Friday amidst the poor weather that Miami was having. I thought that it would be smooth sailing from there. I heard all of the hoopla about the storm of the century or "frankenstorm" as it was being dubbed, but after seeing Miami get out relatively unscathed figured that the same would happen in the north east. I was wrong.

Monday morning my flight was cancelled. It was then cancelled. Again Wednesday. At that point I knew the devastation and the severity of the situation in Hoboken and decided to just wait it out until the latest possible time. I will be flying back on Monday morning. Precisely a week later than originally planned. 10 days in Miami.

I am thankful for how understanding work has been. They are seriously great and reaffirms just how lucky I am and how much I love my job.

So as of now my apartment is still without power in Hoboken. I am hoping that when I return on Monday it will be restored.

But on the other hand; it is just absolutely astonishing how awful the hurricane damage is. I am shocked and saddened beyond belief. A part of me feels guilty for the fact that I have been able to ride it out down in sunny Florida and will be returning bronzed and having been enjoying a lot of time with my sister.

The Jersey shore has been destructed. I am still unsure what the status officially is of our house in Belmar but it is not looking good. My parents studied the storm and made a decision to drive to Florida for winter a couple days earlier than planned. They knew that if they stayed they would wind up postponing returning dealing with the aftermath. Then of course Hoboken was a disaster zone and Staten Island also took a beating. It has just been horrible beyond words to look at the aftermath. And that is from afar. I can only imagine what it is like first hand.

So over a week later here I am. Enjoying my extended stay in Miami. More on that another time but just wanted to say hello, I am safe and hope everyone is hanging in there.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone who has been affected by this awful tragedy.

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