Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cold Weather Wimp

The first thing I did when I woke this morning was roll over and check the temperature on my weather app on my phone.

40 degrees. Sigh. With 20-25 mph wind gusts. Just peachy.

In the past I have typically retreated to the confines of the gym and treadmill when the weather gets cold. During the week I do a couple of my runs on the treadmill but those are usually 4-6 milers and today I was "planning" on 7 or so.

And I am well aware that 40 is not really cold and we probably haven't really even seen cold just yet, but whatever. It is more that I am really not a fan of having to bundle myself up. I am adverse to coats, gloves, hats in real life and running life.

So anyways getting back to train of thought was something like this: I'm so cozy...I need to run...I'm pretty hungry...those few drinks last night left me a slight stomach feels "weird"...I kind of want to lay in bed all day...

Oh how nice it would have been to just be lazy in bed. But then I realized:

1) I want a Starbucks coffee (I end my runs at SB which meant, I had to run if I wanted coffee)
2) I have a bunch of fun new gear to try out (nothing gets me giddy to run like new stuff)
3) I'm running a marathon in 2 months, these run are you know, just a LITTLE bit important

My attitude about going for a run first thing took a quick 180 and I jumped out of bed ready to get the show on the road.

Originally I had planned on breakfast and then waiting an hour or two to run but now I wanted to get out the door immediately (seriously, my attitude changed pretty quickly!).

Instead I ate a sample size pack of Peach Tea flavored Gu Chomps that I had been given from Fleet Feet when I went yesterday to stock up on some cold weather gear and also packed a Cherry Lime Roctane in my spibelt to try out. I really want to figure out what my best fueling options are going to be for the marathon in January.

The flavor of the Peach Tea Chomps was alright. Not a favorite, but it has 2x the caffeine, which gave a little pep in my step as I started my run (seriously, about 2 minutes into my run I looked down and saw I was sub 8 min miles. I reeled that pace in veeeery quickly).

I had so many new things to try out today: a new running skirt, compression socks, headband, and gloves. New stuff yayyy!!!

As much as I am adverse to the cold I can handle my legs being a little cold so will tough it out in a skirt/shorts and compression socks on my runs for as long as I can. What I am more concerned about is my constantly cold hands. So I had these new guys to try out:

These Brooks gloves are really comfortable. I decided not to get a pair that was too heavily lined because as much as I had having my fingers freeze I also hate when my hands are all sweaty. They are pretty unique though: there is a little pouch on the back of the hand and what comes out is what you can see in the second picture: it turns it into a mitten and also is supposed to protect against the wind! A little windbreaker for your hands. Adorbs. Oh and functional. Right function is what we are going for!

Todays run was pretty calming. I started out pretty speedy but tried to stay conscious of that and checked every few minutes to try and keep a slower pace. The purpose training wise of todays run is to tire the legs out a bit before going long tomorrow.

The wind was absolutely a pain at some times but I think I am getting more used to it running on the water. It didn't affect me too much. It was definitely chilly but once I was moving it wasn't unbearable. I can handle temps in the 40's I am more scared for when it dips to 30 and lower.

I was losing myself in my run when I realized...I was 4 miles out. Oops. I suppose when you are on an out and back you should pay attention to how far out you are going. So, I turned around and headed on back. Around mile 5 I decided to rip into that Cherry Lime Roctane...and oh dear lord, I was NOT a fan of that flavor. I choked down about half, attempted to get the other half down but literally spit it out. Trial and error is what it is all about and that flavor just does not do it for me apparently.

On my way back I would up missing a turn and wound up having to back track when a portion of the pier was closed and I had to retreat to the road but other than that, it was pretty uneventful. Legs were feeling pretty good and now I just REALLY wanted coffee. My hands were cold (yes with the gloves, argh) but the next thing I knew I was done. Just a little bit off my mark:

7 miles...or just shy of 9. Whatever, same thing.

Overall, yes it was windy and cold but happy I got out of bed and did it first thing. Lately my "fear of cold" (which has never turned out to be actually bad yet) has left me with runs hanging over my head all day long. Time to get back to just getting up and getting out there. Now I can be lazy in bed for as long as I want to today and that sounds just fantastic to me.

And, you know the views weren't too bad either ;-)

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