Sunday, November 18, 2012

Going Long

Today was everything I imagine it would be and then some.

I woke up at 5 (okay, my alarm went off at 5 I snoozed til ohhh perhaps 6 or so). I had for the first time in a long time actually laid out everything I needed for today:

- bib and safety pins
- D tag on my shoes
- running skirt, compression socks, t-shirt and tech long sleeved 1/4 zip up was todays outfit
- 3 gu's for while running
- powerbar bursts for my breakfast/prerun
- water bottle with nuun
- spibelt, garmin, heart rate strap
- bus tickets and metrocard

I was prepared and golden this morning. Really makes getting out the door a lot easier when you are prepared. Especially when not checking a bag, a lot less anxiety.

I was out the door around 6:40 and ready to go. With the PATH still not running it was frustrating that literally the only option for getting in was the 7:00 bus - there was nothing earlier and then next wouldn't have been until 8:00 thus would miss the start of the race.

But it all worked out. I was at the SW entrance to Central Park at 7:40 and turned on my Garmin and just started running. The race time was at 8:30 so my goal was to just get in what I could by then.

I started heading up east at an easy pace in the low 9's. My goal for the day was to just keep it 9:30 or under but not to go too fast and be under 9. So I went up the east side to the reservoir, did a lap and headed back down to the start. I got to the corrals a few minutes before the gun and having finished about 4.25 miles.

Before I knew it the gun went off and we were off. Race to Deliver! It was just 4 miles. I kept it pretty steady and did not race by any means. My quad was still tight so figured better to just maintain my pace than push it. Funny, a man came up to me around mile 3 huffing and puffing and I was just happy as a clam enjoying my run and he says "are you even trying?". Oops. But the answer is, no, no I was not "trying". I wound up finishing around 36 minutes at around 9 min/mile. Pretty much what I was going for.

After the race, I took in a gu and was off and running with 7 more miles to go! I was, a little annoyed though. I finished the race and my Garmin was flashing low battery. Not amused at all. I thought it had a full charge. So either something is wrong with it, or I messed up. We will find out next time around how long it holds a full charge (it is only 2 months old so it should not lose charge that quick).

I decided to once again head up the East Drive to the Reservoir. I got up there and proceeded to truck along. I was still feeling really good. Quad was a little tight still but it was not affecting my pace. More annoying going up/down stairs. Must start to integrate stretching. Especially after tough workouts.

Every time I looked down at my Garmin I was surprised that I was sticking to a pace in the low 9's. After my second time around I stopped quick for another gu and some water and then was off for one final lap.

After my third time around I headed back down the east side to finish up. And then, low and behold my stupid Garmin crapped out on me at 14.1 miles. Thankfully I had been waiting for that to happen and caught it as it turned off on me and was able to resume my run using my GPS on my phone. I headed down and around and finished up at the N, R, Q at 59th.

Overall, my first "official marathon training run" completed in 2:21:08 for a total of 15.26 miles at a 9:14 pace. BOOM.

I was so happy the entire time. All I could think of was how amazing it is going to be to run the marathon in January. How much I totally love running. How far I have come, and just proud and amazed that 15 miles felt like nothing.

I've got this. I cannot explain the joy and satisfaction that I get from running distance.

I ate another gu when I finished since I had to get home and wanted to refuel with something. I stretched out while I waited for the subway and it helped. Once I got home I took a divine hot shower, slathered up my legs with tiger balm and stuffed my face with pumpkin oatmeal pancakes.

I am now relaxing in bed, watching some football and joyfully awaiting my next run.

Happy little Sunday indeed.

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