Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Adios Miami!

The time has come.

After 11 days, 5 flight changes, 1 half marathon, 1 5K and countless hours spent poolside I am finally heading back to good old New Jersey.

Both my bank account and waist are endlessly thankful.

I cannot complain that I was "stuck" in Florida while my home was pounded by Sandy but it made me appreciate my life more. I miss work I miss my routine I miss my apartment. When all is said and done I love the life I have carved out for myself and look forward to being back at it.

Of course there are the days I don't want to go to work or have a tough time getting out the door for my workout and wonder why the hell I think I am some superstar runner with all the racing I do and miles I need to train but the majority of the time I love the life I live.

I am also going back to power which has been restored. And in the nick of time to cast my vote a process I take serious pride in.

So I know you have been questioning just WHAT have my workouts looked like since I have been gone forever.

Well I will tell you!

After my flights kept getting cancelled and it became apparent that Hoboken was not in good shape and I would be staying extra long I paid for a gym membership to last those days. So this is what the past several days post races have looked like for me starting last Monday:

Monday/Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 3.25 miles
Thursday - morning 4 miles/ kettle bell class, night 4 miles
Friday - 7 miles
Saturday - 8 miles
Sunday - 3 miles/lift/2 miles
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 1 hour 45 minutes crosstrain elliptical morning

I managed to still get in just over 30 miles last week. I plan on running tonight after I vote; this mornings cross training was super easy but knew I would want to run when I landed.

I also have 2 half marathons this weekend. Final two scheduled for the fall. I'm definitely a little bit intimidated. Still unsure how that is going to pan out. Fingers crossed I don't want to kill myself come Sunday. Good test for marathon training which will kick in in earnest soon!

So here's to getting home on time as planned. I can't wait to sleep by myself in my own bed tonight!!

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