Saturday, November 17, 2012

Commence Marathon Training!

With the Trenton Half marathon finished and the Verrazano Festival Half cancelled, halfs for fall are officially over, and bring on the marathon training plan!

I am so excited.

Every time I think about running the marathon I cannot explain the feeling of joy and elation that overcomes me.

Yes, I am also just a little warped.

I am beyond thrilled at the prospect of getting to tackle 26.2 miles for the first time. I am sure that it is going to be difficult and challenging; but that is the way I like things in life. The easy is for the weak.

Okay perhaps I am just a LITTLE wound up and should tone it down.

So this week was insanely busy in general with work. After being out due to Sandy I was feeling slightly stressed as it was. Then, sadly, my Grandma passed away on Saturday morning (my mom waited until after my race to tell me) so I worked a half day Monday and from home on Tuesday. The rest of the week was spent attempting to finish as much as possible and regain some sanity.

Because, of course, I am traveling for work this coming week, and then Thanksgiving which puts me in the office only on Monday. Sheesh. BUSY!

However, nothing stands between myself and my training, and here is how the week shook out with workouts:

Sunday: 5+ miles
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.1 miles morning/5 miles evening
Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday: 4 miles - intervals plus leg strength workout
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7.5 miles

(can we have a moment for those TWO rest days in there thank you very much)

And that brings us to tomorrow: 15 mile is on the schedule. I have a 4 mile race in Central Park: NYRR Race to Deliver. My plan of attack for the day is to arrive in CP early to get some mileage in before the race, hopefully a good 5-6 race and then wind it down after. Probably not attempting to break any records tomorrow but we will see.

My quad is feeling a little "sore". I am not sure if it is a slight pull or soreness from the squat/lunge awesomeness that took place after speed work on Thursday. But I will say I paced the 7.5 today at 9:11 and was really holding back, so I think it is fine. But, I do want to make sure I am not being stupid: i.e. attempting to "race" if I am not 100%.

I am also excited because for the first time today I ran in a skirt! My work gave me some new gear on Friday and today I ran in it, and LOVED it.

So excited.

So now, with a 5am wake up in order for tomorrow, I am off to hit the hay (or watch a movie, either or) as I feel like it is Christmas tomorrow with 15 miles on the horizon, that are "official" marathon training miles!

10 weeks out baby!!!!

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