Monday, November 26, 2012

Cleaning up the Diet

Is anyone else as perplexed as myself by the fact that we are going to be in December this weekend? Where has 2012 gone?

This year has been pretty kick ass for me I must say. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun. I have focused on and hit major goals in both my professional and personal life and could not be more thrilled.

With that being said though, one aspect that has fallen off a little lately is my diet. Now, nothing crazy, but I have added back about 2 pounds in the last month. That is nothing I can pretty much lose that in a week. The problem is that I was making unhealthy choices and pretty much eating out of boredom. That, is not okay. That is a habit I worked long and hard to break. I am also finding myself ashamed and not even wanting to log those calories in myfitnesspal app. 

Also, I am now 8 weeks out from my marathon. I would like to toe the line in Miami about 10 pounds lighter than I am now. 

It is time to get back on track 100%. I have been a little surprised with my racing and running success with my diet being less than stellar at times lately. But that is a testament to my training being on par (I am nuts about hitting my workouts that is something that never gets compromised).

So here is the plan of action effective immediately (well, more like as of last Friday but just now writing about it, happy to report; so far so good).

  • Food prep – I am really good about this but lately I have been getting a little bored with my choices so I need more variety
  • Almond Butter ban – this is a big one – nut butter is probably my biggest downfall. Spoon to jar situation – I am giving it up through the end of the year since I lack control
  • Portioning out all food servings – again I get in trouble when I take a container/box/bag of something and eat – meausure/weigh everything – portioning is king
  • Keep temptations out of the house – along the nut butter lines – certain foods I know I lack control over – even good foods (i.e. nuts) can be eaten in too large a quantity and be detrimental
  • Be cognizant of macros – on days I am famished it is because things are out of wack. Time to get back to basics and make sure they are balanced
  • Drink water! I am SO bad with this. I just do not get thirsty and am perpetually in a state of dehydration – also really bad when you are running a crap load.
  • Only eat my post dinner “treat” if I am actually hungry – all too often I am eating again out of habit so need to pay better attention to body cues

So there you have it. Plan of attack. Right now I am eating well over 2,000 calories per day a lot of days I am probably around 2,500. I like to eat. Granted a lot of it is healthy stuff and I also burn off a crap ton of calories with how much I work out; but, I can train effectively by netting 1,500 and it is only beneficial to myself to make sure everything is quality that is going into my body. I think the number one thing is to eat when hungry and eat intuitively. 

While I don’t think there are many people out there who don’t want to “drop a few” this really is more performance based than vanity driven. The lighter I am the faster I will run. And it will be more beneficial to my body/joints to be marathon training at a lighter weight. It’s a lot of stress on the body. I never understood why anyone would advise someone overweight to do a marathon (I am by no means overweight nor think I am for the record).

Anyways. So here we go. Operation drop pounds for the Marathon and stop binging on crap is on. Let’s get this party started!

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