Friday, October 26, 2012

Bienvenido a Miami!

Oh why hello Friday so nice to see you. What, you don't have to go to work today, you are going to Miami? Friday's status just escalated ten fold.

I am currently at JFK after what has to be the calmest travel experience I've ever had (we thus far, probably shouldn't get ahead of myself with this little storm situation called "Sandy"). But so far, I think that I am winning this morning.

And oh how a day off is needed. As I was leaving work last night I realized - at only 5:30 - that I had hit overtime 5 HOURS PRIOR. That, is the kind of week it has been. When you are headed in to Friday 5 hours deep IMO OT you know it has been a crazy week!

So a little escape is definitely what the doctor ordered. There is just that pesky little half marathon on Saturday and 5K on Sunday in the way...and a 7am flight home on Monday; but I mean, this is MY kind of getaway. Active with some relaxation thrown in there. A change of scenery and a change of pace. And of course some sister sister time. Oh yeah and Halloween in Miami. I'm sure that will be "calm". But seriously I am not one to go away and not want to run. Take San Francisco the one thing I most looked forward to was running to the Golden Gate Bridge and after a 13.3 mile round trip I was the happiest person alive. Site seeing and running. Heaven.

So as I stated this week was pretty nuts with work. But I did manage to get some quality workouts in and am already at 20.5 miles for the week. Pretty much dead on target. No matter how busy work gets, the only way I will skip workouts is if I feel as though the integrity of it is going to be compromised by my tiredness. If I think that the miles are junk miles and not going to benefit my training whatsoever then I will skip it. For example: over the last weekend my planned 16-18 with my friend. I was so tired, on the verge of being sick and scrapped running and wound up just doing an easy 5 on Saturday in exchange for feeling refreshed this week. Could I have managed my way through those miles? Of course. Would it have been productive? Absolutely not. And I doubt I would be going into the race this weekend feeling as good as I do.

I did my "goal" schedule during half marathon training season this week:

Monday: 6.5 miles - steady for the first 4 with pickup at the end

Tuesday: 4 miles - a little bit quicker - since it was shorter I upped the speed to keep the legs refreshed on turnover

Wednesday: 6 miles - mentally was not feeling this one going in - 12 hour work day and was beat, mentally, but once I started it was just what the doctor ordered and did the first 3 even and then picked up for 1/4 mile intervals for the remaining 3 miles

Thursday: 4 miles - did these a but quicker with the first 2 comfortable then the final 2 intervals hitting race pace

Overall, I think I got some good structured workouts in. Felt pretty good which is a welcome change to the hard couple of weeks.

So now down to this weekends plans. I will be in Miami around noon. We will just be taking it easy today. Picking up race numbers eating etc. The weather is not great otherwise I would clearly be plopping down on a lounge chair pronto. Which brings us to tomorrow.

Miami Halloween Half Marathon. I am super excited for this. This is a "fun" race. Dress up and run? Okay I'm game. I was never thinking about time for this - I have next weekend off then am running two half's the following weekend. My strategy is more a "we are at the home stretch let's survive this without injury and have some fun along the way" - with full marathon training beginning shortly. This is not a time for PR's. If one happens. Awesome but not the goal.

However, the storm is bringing with it some intense winds. The rain should not be a problem and should be done by the 7am start (ugh) but it will most likely be windy and perhaps not the most pleasant experience. Couple that with the fact that I am going from being acclimated to fall back to warmth and humidity again and I am just hoping that I am not TOO slow. But like I said, time doesn't matter (if you know me you are totally laughing at my attempt to try and NOT be competitive) and just running with my sister for fun is the goal.

Then, I get an email a couple days ago from my sister about a Halloween 5K on Sunday. Now I hate 5Ks with a passion and feel they are pointless. But I would run a few to shake out so was 150% in. After a night of Miami fun should be a great time. (insert sarcastic tone). Then doing her abs class - she instructs - and Sunday funday football Miami style! THAT I cannot wait for.

Overall I think this is going to be a great little weekend. I am sure that I will be a little beat up and worse for the wear by the time I get home on Monday (flight gets in to JFK at 9:45am and then I am headed straight to the office). But to see my sister, run some raves and get some R&R - it will be well worth it to be a little tired.

So now wish me luck that this flight gets off the ground at it's scheduled time and it will be smooth sailing from there.

Minus the whole little storm situation approaching the tri-state area Sunday. That, I have no concern for...possibly being stuck in Miami? Sounds pretty damn awful.

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