Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stir Crazy

Oh weekends how sweet you are. Usually filled with fun filled running adventures and relaxation and races. However, this lady has been feeling like total crap and in turn not running which has created one angry panda with too much down time.

Work was crazy per usual this week and I tried to ignore the fact that I wasn't feeling 100% (if I was honest I know I haven't been feeling well since before last weekend but I prefer to ignore these little things most of the time).

So this week I went about business as usual with my training; I did an hour of cross training on Monday, 4 miles of intervals on Tuesday and then we got to Wednesday...I was meeting my running bud for what was to be 8 miles in the park. Mid way through the day I knew that I was not well. You know how it goes it comes and goes. One second you feel like crap then you are fine for a while. Not one to back down though, manned up and we headed to the park to get our run on. Pretty much immediately I knew I was on the miserable side. The more we ran the better I felt but after a little more than 6 miles I knew to throw in the towel.

The cold probably didn't help the situation at all but I seriously felt cold until the next day. Brrrr oh winter we are not off to a good start. So Thursday morning I would have probably called out minus I had a bunch of things imperative to do in the office and no computer at home to try and get them done remote. I went in to the office and by the time I got there was quite unhappy.

Half way through the day I called it quits and Friday smartly stayed my butt home. Argh. Now I am just dying to get out there and run. I keep thinking just maybe I will go get some miles in but then my head reminds me no, that would be a stupid idea.

So, here I am day 3 of no running. I'm a brat I know it is not that bad. I am also trying to be smart enough and rest enough so that I get better.

Tomorrow we have the Join the Voices 5 miler and my long marathon training run which is non negotiable so I will be heading in to the park bright and early. And to warmer temperatures thank the lord!! Plan calls for 13 miles but if I am feeling good (and lets be honest even if I am not feeling 100%) I will try for some more to get some miles in.

I am hoping that this is not a trend this winter. I know high mileage can wear you down but I really haven't gone too far over my normal threshold so hoping that this is more to do with the fact that I have been out running a lot in the cold and not sleeping enough.

Now off to "relax" some more. And hopefully wake up feeling magically cured. Since that whole breathing thing is made a little bit more difficult when running with a cold.

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