Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stomach + Running = Fail.

So I know I have mentioned in several posts all of the stomach issues I have.

Recently they have just come to a head and I am so frustrated. It is not only disheartening to not know the full potential you could have reached in a race - but also to have it totally interfere with your training.

I have been alright with needing to stop during training runs to use the bathroom. I have long accepted that no, I cannot just ignore it and will it away, I genuinely NEED to stop. I haven't been as strict with my eating since the marathon so I know that there have been times I go into a run with the knowledge that I will probably have to stop.

But Sunday. Oh Sunday.

I needed to get a 20 miler in. 18 at least. I am running out of time before the NJ Marathon and need the time on my feet.

Enter the worst run of my life.

First off I set out outside and it was pretty windy. Ever since the half last weekend, I am SO OVER the wind.

I was doing alright though just kind of started to frolick around Hoboken. With 20 miles to cover I planned on doing a LOT of frolicking around town.

Around mile 4 my stomach started to churn.

It hurt prior to starting the run - so I had 3 Kashi waffles plain before and then waited almost 2 hours just to make sure I was alright.

I was not.

Thankfully I was able to make my way closer to home and made a quick dash for the bathroom.

I was 6 miles in. Argh. I was NOT FEELING this run. I did not want to run anymore. I had some Nuun and a gel because I knew I needed it and set out the door.

The second I started running I knew it was over with my stomach. So I made the smartest decision and ran the few blocks to my gym to hit the treadmill.

I made it in 3 mile increments. Every time I tried to even drink water I had to stop. Around mile 12 I started to get cramps, and knew I was dehydrated and it would be better to throw in the towel soon than push. I finally made it to 15 and called it a day.

Totally frustrated. And pretty defeated.

Now on the bright side, I manage 3 miles yesterday and 2 this morning without incident! Yay. BUT. I like half marathons. I enjoy the challenge of fulls now (enjoy may be over reaching haha). And a couple miles is not going to cut it.


So I am seriously scaling back on what I eat. Going very basic and mundane. I swear this time.

The worst part is, there is not officially 'wrong' with me. I have been to the doctor to try and see if there is...but nothing. That was a couple years back and may be time to explore again since this is really impacting me. I am getting very dehydrated and really cramping badly. And am borderline anemic before (and not to be graphic, but there is blood...yes so sexy. I love describing my symptoms to doctors) and this might be why I get dizzy at times.

The hard part is that it comes and goes. It seemed to go away for a while last year when I was super strict with my eats. So, that is my immediate course of action. Fingers crossed that there is some relief.

Starting this weekend I have a race every one through June and just want to be able to enjoy them. I want to be able to RACE if I feel like it (many are integrated into training runs for the marathon).

I know things could be oh so much worse but I am just seriously tired of dealing with this. And this holding me back.


  1. Hey you! Firstly, thank you so much for your comment and words of encouragement.

    And now, I am SO sorry to hear about your stomach issues. That sounded like such a rough run. Food definitely affects my stomach in a a bad way when I run, so fingers crossed that playing around with what you've been eating will help a little??
    I hope this clears up for you much sooner than later.

  2. This just sucks. No other way to put it. I'm really sorry you're having these issues and I hope clean eating helps! And if not, I hope the doctor can figure out what might be up. It's so frustrating when we're willing to put in the effort and our bodies don't meet us halfway.

  3. I've had very similar issues. When I am training I eat VERY plain foods for two days before a long run or race. I eliminate alcohol for at least 24 hours before a long run (NO glass of wine before dinner) and I eliminate lactose of any sort 100%. Any time. All week. I also am very careful with when I eat salads / fibrous foods (try to keep those 48 hours before a long run). When i had issues, a food journal was recommended to see what caused issues and what didn't. And sometimes? Just a bad day. Before a race, i find sometimes taking an immodium helps with the "sudden" urges (but be careful, because those are dehydrating!)

    Good luck...I hear you on this!

    1. Thank you for your input! I am back to journaling...the sucky part is, I pretty much already cut out dairy (minus greek yogurt/a little cottage cheese) I pretty much stopped drinking (seriously haven't had one since mid February that is just sad!)
      I am now giving up some of my fav veggies, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts to see if that helps I eat a ton of vegetables so trying to eliminate ones that are known trouble makers.

      I've been scared to try immodium (because I am already a very dehyrated person) but might take it for a test drive sunday!

      Glad to know I am not alone...praying to get this under control before my big races coming up.

  4. If you are open to trying it, the Vega Sport protein has Glutamine in it. Not sure if you read about all my stomach issues, but I started using it daily before my workouts because glutamine helps to coat your stomach and things are SO MUCH better. That with a probiotic is definitely a big thing for my runs to go well. Good luck as you figure out what works for you!!

    1. I am geniunely open to any and all suggestions and will be looking into that! It is so great to hear advice from those that have been through it. I have gotten to the point where if I make it through 3 miles before a break I am proclaiming it a victory. Not a good thing with a few halfs a full and 50K on the horizon between now and end of May. Thank you!

  5. Oh goodness, I can't help you because I have the exact opposite problem but I really send my sympathies! I hope you feel better!