Saturday, April 13, 2013

Awake before Sunrise, Asleep before Sunset

Disclaimer: It is 6:30pm and I am in bed writing this post. Yup. Totally ready for the old folks home.

Today was quite the busy day!

Earlier this week I had ordered new sneaks from my running store. I have been having some foot pain for a while now and it was exacerbated after my long runs. I figured, it was because of my long runs.

Then I realized after doing one of my long runs in a different pair of shoes that it didn't really hurt (I still have lingering pain but not by any means as bad). So, I went and switched up my long run shoe. I have been in the Mizuno Wave Creation for the past year or so for distance over 10 miles. The shoes were not old as I have about 6 shoes total that I rotate. I LOVE my Asics Speedstar 6's (which I ran my 15 in lasst weekend) but of course, Asics discontinued them. Sad pants. So since I have had a lot of success in the Wave Creation's I decided to see what Mizuno had similar and wound up taking the Wave Rider's for a test drive and loved them. But, didn't love them in white so had them special ordered in purple for me! (color matters, do not judge!).

The Wave Creation is a phenomenal shoe, I just think my running has changed and it is a big support/stability shoe and I had outgrown needing that SO much.

They came in Thursday but of course didn't get back in time to pick them up from work. So finally got them last night. I want to wear them for my 20 and race tomorrow so today's planned rest day...was not so much.

I wound up FINALLY meeting up with the Hoboken Elysianettes and going for a nice 3.5 mile jaunt with them. LOVED running with the group and am looking forward to more runs in the future with them. It was really nice to have company and a diverse group of runners.

Have to say though my legs were feeling a bit tired (I ran a little over 7 yesterday oops) so here is hoping that the 20 tomorrow are not that painful.

After the run, I made myself some glorious blueberry pancakes and then headed into the city to meet up with my sisters for the More Fitness Half Marathon Expo and lunch.

My youngest sister is in from Miami to run (yay!!!) so that part I am looking forward to but I have no goals for this half tomorrow; it is a training run for me. I plan to go in early and get in as many miles as possible before the race begins.

The expo was a lot of fun! I finally met Jen (HI!!!! can't wait to run soon!) and was able to get some more Sparkly Soul headbands and some treats.

Now, after a day full of activity and a glaring wake up time of 4am, I am fed, in bed nursing a sippy  bottle of Nuun and seriously ready to crash. Non stop day for this girl!

Tomorrow my miles are going to be fueld by thoughts of brunching with bellini's. Because seriously that is one of my most favorite drinks!

Anyone else running the half or have some epic miles to put in for training this weekend?


  1. SO great meeting you, too!! Cannot wait to run! Let's make that happen ASAP.

  2. Woo! What a busy day! Those shoes are awesome! (The color, I mean. I've never worn them.) And I'm jeeealous that you got to meet Jen!