Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap: 6 Days Out from the Marathon!

Can we insert a holy s*it moment. I kind of want to throw up and do a victory dance at the same time.

Officially less than one week until the NJ Marathon. I cannot believe it is here. At this point (well technically about 2 weeks ago) there is nothing left to do, you've trained and prepped and now all that remains is continuing to taper down and get ready to run the crap out of 26.2 miles.

I actually had (for me) quite the active and eventful weekend. I did this before the Miami Marathon as to be the couple weeks before and I came out of my hibernation. It helps distract from all the down time that I have since I am not doing a bazillion workouts each week anymore.

Let's see this is how I kept myself occupied.

This finally happened and I am in love. This is my third and I love love love it!

Left wrist :)
The weather was gorgeous and boy do I have the tan lines to prove it! I was supposed to run a 5K Sunday and long run Saturday got a little jumbled so I bailed on the 5K and did a short run Saturday and long on Sunday.

Apparently getting "less fat" as I like to call it (and no I do not think I am fat, but I am actually actively putting my plan in place of 'not acting like a vacuum' anymore and eating ALL the things) makes you speedier.

This happened:

Splits of 8:45, 8:35, 7:57, 7:44 - HUH? what? I wasn't "trying" until the end. Just trying to keep a natural pace.

Pace was actually 8:17 I just didn't reset
Then Saturday got busy with work stuff and my favorite part - the lazy ass persons answer to foam rolling aka: massage FTW! It. Was. Glorious. And my masseuse thought I was tensing my muscles when she worked my calves that is how tight they were. Yeah, I know. I don't stretch. Or foam roll. Or anything.

Can I have this every day? No?
Topped off by filling myself full of homemade carb goodness:

Sunday I took my sweet ass time getting out of bed before knocking out a little over 8 miles. LAST LONG RUN! and it went amazing. I challenge myself to set my Garmin screen to the time and just run a route I knew. Came back with these splits: 9:31, 9:12, 9:09, 9:06, 9:06, 9:06, 8:50, 9:06, 8:39 apparently I can run a mean 9:06. I will take that for a last run.

AVG pace actually 9:07
Gloriously sweaty
And finally it was time for my BFF's Birthday brunch. And this is all you need to know about why I was in bed at ohhhh like 7pm. One photo will sum it all up.

So there you have it! A pretty fantastic weekend if I do say so myself.

I feel ready for this race. Or at least that is what I am telling myself. I will get into goals and plans and pacing later on in the week. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Anyone else going to be in NJ this weekend? Also, am I the only one who's Garmin really makes me neurotic? I need to get back to learning to run by effort versus the data that thing is spitting out at me.


  1. I will be there cheering my little heart out!!! So excited for you! And glad you are having quality workouts until then :)