Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cross Training Galore!

I want to say thank you for the kind words, advice and support on my angry stomach issues.

I am currently journaling my eats again, limiting a lot of foods, looking into some supplements and saying a few prayers that relief comes soon.

I have had some good runs, but never more than 3 miles without a stop. I am starting to think though there might be a slight mental block though - I pretty much go into EVERY run lately wondering just how far I will make it before I have to stop. While by no means is my GI distress imagined or able to be overcome by just not focusing; I do think I need to stop having that mentality because it can be debilitating. So here's to focusing on positive thoughts during my runs! Mind body connection is huge!

Okay enough about running. If you follow me on instagram, twitter or daily mile you may have seen that I have recently become pretty obsessed with being back in the pool!

I love my gyms pool we are becoming BFF's!
Look at all that sexiness.
I am loving it. It is a totally different workout and obviously is more gentle than running and my arms and back are loving it as well.

I was lucky that growing up I learned to swim at such an early age - I was put (aka thrown - *edit my Dad corrected me and claims I "fell" into the water and that was the start of my swimming career. clumsy from birth. awesome.*) by 6 months and spent every single at a day swim camp - that I am like a fish. So at home in the water. I was on a swim team for a while and man are these swim sessions bringing back the days of freezing our behinds off at 6am practices in the outdoor pool.

The swim coach at the gym watched me and gave me a few form corrections so now I am just working on my stamina and next week will probably begin to do more workouts with structure to them aka speed work, the joys! you can't escape it.

I have also been lifting at least a few times a week as well as hitting the spinner as much as I can. This is all part of the master plan: make Gianna run faster.

And apparently I think I am training for a tri as I did a reverse one this morning: run, bike then swim! So fun.

I will let you know how this works out for me. Or well I suppose you'll read about it in my upcoming races!

I am trying to not stress too much about all the running failures I have had lately. And praying that I make it through the NJ Marathon. I have 3 more weeks to get long runs in so hoping that one of those days it all clicks. And hoping that come May 5th my mental game is strong and I just power through those 26.2 miles.

The good news is that I do feel some progress regarding speed. I am trying to do more runs out of my easy comfort zone.

It's all a work in progress. That is what I love so much about this sport: you can always PROGRESS. The effort you put in will directly effect the outcome. It is all on you. Sure I have my issues with my stomach that are clearly holding me back to some extent; however that is not going to stop me from achieving my goals. Whether I hit my PR's this spring or the fall, it WILL happen. I will make sure that I continue the consistency and put forth the effort and hopefully it all falls into place.

And just like that I want to go on another run!


  1. Love your thoughts on progress. It's so true, all of our athletic work is progress, and there's no clear end point. It's exciting!!

  2. I'm trying to get back in the pool myself... I just need to force myself to go the first time again and hopefully I'll become obsessed like you said!