Friday, April 19, 2013

My Week + #BostonStrongNYC

I haven't wanted to post all week because I honestly didn't have anything to say minus what has already been said, and I most definitely cannot say it with the eloquence that some others have.

My heart is heavy as I pray for everyone in Boston and for this all to end as quickly as possible and for everyone to stay safe.

Each run I have done this week has been with Boston on my mind, as I am sure is the case for the running community.

One thing I can say is how proud and grateful I am to be part of such a truly amazing and inspiring community.

The movement #BostonStrong begun by Pavement runner is just awesome. I am loving how all over the world everyone is uniting behind this. Seriously, could I ask to be part of a more supportive community? I am looking forward to running on Monday in support (please work do not keep me. k, thanks).

Tomorrow I am running the Asbury Park Half Marathon and am looking forward to racing and being with everyone and showing our support for Boston. People have asked if I feel guilty racing and yes there was a part of me that was feeling some guilt about being excited to get out there tomorrow but on the other hand, running is part of WHO I AM. It is a great part of my identity. Who is winning if I give up or pass on something that is so important to me.

So tomorrow I will run and my thoughts and prayers will be with Boston. I look forward to being in the midst of a community that has proven that we will rally behind our own and that we will only grow stronger.

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  1. It's true -- there's an added fear and added guilt to running. But I also feel an added strength. And my mom echoed that when she said, "there's no way those assholes are stopping me from cheering you on at the finish line in Chicago!" when we were discussing my first marathon this October.

    Good luck tomorrow! May the stomach gods be with you ;)