Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Obligatory End of Year Post

Probably sounds like a broken records since everyone is saying it by now, but where did the year go?!

I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that I rang in 2014 and was getting ready for SOTU (State of the Union - big beginning of year deal in the news world!) oh and my birthday since they fell on the same day last year!

The end of this year has been kind of crazy. 

I'm in the middle of dealing with doctors and procedures and all that jazz trying to get some sort of diagnosis on my GI issues (minor update as I still await biopsy results - the first med I am on has helped like, tremendously, thank god.)

I finished NYCM with a stress fracture and tendinitis and had my first boot experience. I hated it. 

Found out I was having my rent hiked by almost 50% per month and high tailed my ass out of Hoboken and to Queens! I want to give an update on all that but still putting together my new place. It is SO BIG. and SO empty still. So much space to decorate (I know such a problem, but it is, for my wallet!). But it's been 2 weeks and I LOVE my new town. 

At work it is kind of turmoil. I mean it usually is total craziness but the head of my department basically left unannounced and there are 5,000 changes happening right now so umm, happy holidays? enjoy no time off basically lol. 

On the upside I have begun running again!

On the downside - I am sorry all the cross training in the world does not keep you in running form. It is hard and I am slow as a snail. But I am running! And returning smartly. 

Running wise I wanted to enjoy this year. I mostly did. I ran what I wanted. I didn't necessarily have any stellar performances but I was not setting myself up to. I thought I could possibly PR the marathon but then Chicago was spent in every bathroom every mile, and the conditions on race day for NYCM took that thought before the start line. I am satisfied how it went. 

I must be real and realize that I am AT LEAST 8 pounds over my race weight when I was PR'ing the crap in every distance every other weekend 2 years back plus haven't put in the strength training I did back then. Plus all the stomach issues. I'm not there. I plan on working to actually get back down to a better weight and all that jazz. I just haven't felt like it but now my jeans want me to. 

I'm just kind of rambling but basically - 2014 has been pretty good to me. 

Professionally I grew a lot and had a lot of positive changes in my personal life. I feel like I GREW UP a lot this year and that is a good feeling. Running wise and physically - kind of stagnant. But running will always be there I just didn't have the heart to train HARD. I just put in what I wanted/needed in order to get through the races. 

I have thoughts on how I am setting up 2015 but one thing I know: I WILL NOT run a marathon. 

If I sign up for one someone punch me. Unless I have a massive PR in the half in spring that is not my goal (and in 3 months I will not be running in the low 1:50's to get that I guarantee).

So happy new year all! Hope the holidays have treated you well and you ring in the new year with the ones you love! 

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