Monday, December 8, 2014

One Week Down: Gluten & Dairy Free

For starters: seriously anyone that willingly goes gluten & dairy free without medical necessity is bonkers.

Because, pizza. Sandwiches. Bacon egg and cheeses. Cupcakes. Ramen. BEER.

The list goes on.

Now I know that there are gluten free and dairy substitutions but especially with my carb fav’s I am not trying to eat crap that is made gluten free – because a lot of it is just that, crap. And devoid of nutrition.

The dairy thing I am better with because I had been trying for a long time to limit it.

So let’s see, I am now a week in and I think the main thing is that I am eating better. If for nothing else this has aided me in stopping my boredom binge eating because well, the things that I would mindlessly eat aren’t permitted anymore.

I’ve dropped a couple pounds which is a plus because I have some extra that I am in need of shedding (or errrr like 10 pounds that really need to go).

As far as feeling any improvement with my GI issues. Not going to lie, it is worse. Probably times 5. Most likely because I am in veggie overdrive and the extra fiber is wreaking havoc but it’s been pretty painful and not fun.

It has also really only been a week this is a process that will take time.

I really am more just being a brat about some stuff. It is the convenience that is more of a hassle. I learned the hard way traveling needs to be done with your own food there won’t be too much at the airports. Also I’m in the process of moving and it is harder to find quick grab and go options. But it is what it is. Need to plan and be prepared.

On the plus obviously lots more fruits and veggies. I discovered quinoa pasta and am a fan – totally filled my wanting #allthecarbs fix post workout Saturday. And even though my stomach FEELS like hell – I am way less bloated.

I foresee this helping me clean up my diet and be more cognizant of what I am eating. I have a problem with binge eating and take away those things that trigger it and the problem starts to disappear as does the urge.

I would like to hear from others for any good bloggers/websites for gluten/dairy free. Favorite recipes, restaurants etc. open to it all! 

Just 2 months and 3 weeks to see if any of this helps clear things up. 

Le sigh. 

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