Thursday, December 18, 2014

GI Health Updates

If there was ever a week I was ready to have end it is this week!

Started out with a move Monday that was more painful than it needed to be (and reminded me why I hadn’t moved in several years) but that is for another day – I will share some of the new apartment as it is coming together!

Tuesday I had an appointment with GI doctor number 3.

And I am thinking third time is a charm. I didn’t like the first two AT ALL. I walked away thinking they had no interest in helping me find out what was going on and were prescription happy vs. diagnosis.

My new doctor listened to it all. Spent a solid half hour with me. Everything I have been going through for the past few years. And HE was concerned about my quality of life and how I have just been dealing with it and have learned how to work around it. And anxious to help figure out what is going on. I told him my primary doc was thinking IBD and of course he said for my sake he hoped that it wasn’t since that lives with you forever.

My opinion – honestly I just want to KNOW. If it is then we deal with it. If it isn’t I hope we just get to the bottom of it.

So what does this mean?

Well of course he sucked my blood out while I was there. He told me to stop the whole gluten free thing if it was making me feel worse (and is testing for celiac although he doesn’t think that is anything to do with it – I was abstaining from gluten for only a short period of time prior so hoping that the test doesn’t lose validity).

And what I was waiting for – the joys of a colonoscopy.


So I am now in the fasting portion of it all. And definitely cannot wait to start the prep (sarcasm in case you are wondering).

I actually really don’t care or mind. Considering how awful things have been I actually kind of can’t wait. I am feeling like I am one step closer to a diagnosis.

So here’s hoping that my Christmas gift is figuring out what the hell is going on with me! 


  1. Hoping you get answers as well! And especially hoping gluten isn't the issue. Because there is a fab donut place and an amazing pizza place I want to take you to whenever you visit ;)

  2. Crossing my fingers and hoping today went okay!