Monday, September 29, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 16

We are in the taper folks! This week brought a reduction in mileage as well as me being sick. I have just been feeling run down and Thursday and Friday was home from work attempting to rest up. 

I think it is just work + marathon training + busy social calendar catching up with me finally. 

Sadly, I have craziness coming up. A wedding this weekend, then Chicago, then a trip to Boston, then another wedding I am in and finally NYCM. 

Life ain't slowing down any time in the near future. 

And here was last week's training:

Monday - 5 miles @ 10:05 - I was surprised my legs felt pretty good after the 20 on Sunday

Tuesday - Cross Train - 75 minutes on the AMT.

Wednesday - 7 miles @ 10:51 - I was feeling shitty and kept this sucker slow.

Thursday - Home sick and got a guilty conscience that I needed to work out. I was smart enough to not run but umm then I decided to do about 60 mins of HIIT. I did this video from Blogilates a few times and then added in another half hour of a HIIT circuit I put together. Dripping sweaty mess in the privacy of my own home. But during the video who knew 50 seconds could seem so.long. 

Friday - Full rest day. I was home sick again and made myself actually REST. 

Saturday - I took a barre class then ran 7 miles @ 9:41 - I am LOVING barre. I am kind of ready to be out of marathon mode and really tone it up. Barre will be making a frequent appearance in my workout rotation.

Sunday - 
Bronx 10 Mile + extra. Planned to hit at least 12 but work emergency = me fielding calls while running and throwing in the towel once it finished (but yay negative splits!!)  Splits: 10:01, 9:34, 10:20, 10:10, 9:50, 10:16, 10:06, 9.48, 9:46, 9:43, 9:30

Buns were on fire - Bronx is NOT flat. Don't take barre classes the day before a long run. Noted. 

Total Miles: 30 miles - I missed one run - had planned to hit the mid 30's but I was better off having 4 days of running considering how I felt. 

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