Monday, September 15, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 14

All week long I had total apprehension about the long run scheduled. 

20 miles loomed over my head. 

Even morning of the temptation to just stay in bed was oh, so, great. But I did it! 3+ loops of Central Park and the confidence has been built back up. I felt pretty strong the entire time. Recovery wise I have a little soreness (but you know, those hills + a mile race on Saturday kind of call for it regardless your conditioning I believe) but a nice boost. I was tempted to give up at 18 but had to run a couple more miles to get to the south side of the park anyway so, I ran. Bagel and apple in hand post race. 

One more week of a crazy long run (18- 22 depending on how I am feeling) and then it is time to taper taper taper away!

Monday - 3.17 @ 9:27 - nothing special just a shake out from going long Sunday

Tuesday - 10 miles total - Double Day! Morning: 
1.5 mile w/u 8 x 400 avg 1:57 with 400 @ 10:00 recoveries .5 mile c/d 
I was inspired to do speed work out of run boredom. I feel I had more in me but I was honestly feeling kind of crappy. Was on the cusp of a sick day. But then I want to workout and if I can get up for that I can go to work.

Was feeling better at night - go figure so ran easy again (and had to kill time before an 8pm massage in the city) 4 miles @ 10:23

Wednesday - Day. Of. Rest. did some weights but other than that I took rest day seriously

Thursday - 6.6 miles total. Another day of doubles. Morning: 4.1 miles @ 9:05 - 
5 min w/u 2-3 mins hard / 1 easy Evening: 2.5 miles @ 10:04 - easy miles before 20 minutes of lifting. Woo hoo a tiny bit of strength. I am so slacking on this. 

Friday - Cross train - 60 minutes mostly zoning out on the Arc - resistance 30 - 55

Saturday - 5.5 miles - Had the NYRR 5th Ave Mile on tap. I had no idea what to expect - ran there as a warm up and home as my cool down. Ran the mile in 7:22 - I am happy enough with that considering. I shouldn't expect to be any speedier since I don't work on it THAT much. 

Sunday - 20 miles @ 10:11 - NYRR 18 Mile Tune Up - 
I woke up sore from the race Saturday, tired and unmotivated. Surprised once I started running how amazing it went. Never pushed kept it easy and on 3+ loops of CP hills that was a confidence booster. Only had gu in the house for fuel and a fun reminder that my stomach and gu do not mix. 
Splits: 10:15, 10:20, 10:17, 10:38, 10:27, 10:09, 10:09, 9:55, 10:01, 10:14, 10:07, 9:53, 10:24, 10:12, 9:59, 10:01, 10:22, 9:32, 10:21, 10:13

Total Miles: 45.27 !!!! yup. a pretty big week mileage wise. 

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