Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 17

Umm marathon week! 

I will probably do another post so this is just a quick little recap. 

Still tapering. Things were going well until they weren't. Wound up sick and bed ridden. Womp womp. My anxiety level about this though was really more feeling lazy than missing runs would derail me by the marathon. 

When I had my DNF at Hartford last year (which I was supposed to taper down from before NYCM) my mileage was all sorts of wonky leading up to NYCM and I ran a 4:29 - with no hill training, while sick! 

I know my body is ready for the mileage. I just want to fly to Chicago and hit that start line healthy. That is all. 

Here was last week's training:

Monday - Cross Train! Arc 30 min / AMT 30 mins

Tuesday - 4.22 miles @ 9:28

Wednesday - 3.15 miles @ 9:31

Thursday - 3.2 miles @ 9:22

Friday - This was my planned rest day. I was going to run because I had a wedding that night and rest Saturday but I felt like shit. I somehow thought that I would feel better Saturday after being up all hours and drunk. Spoiler alert - did not happen.

Saturday - I wanted to die. Hungover. Fever. Got home at 10:30am from the wedding and got out of bed 3 times the entire day.

Sunday - I WILL RUN. JK. I will not run. 

Total Miles: 10.57 miles. Sigh. 

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