Monday, September 8, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 13

I am at the point where one minute I am feeling confident and marathon ready and the next I am totally worried I will not be prepared. I feel like I should PR but then have a crap 3 mile run and am like ahhhh I am going to run a personal worst!

I think that I progressed with training in a way that was better this time. I feel like things are coming together closer to the marathon versus last year when I think I peaked and then just tired myself out. 

Although tired out seems to be the name of the game lately. I know I have Vitamin D deficiency and low iron the last time I got blood work, but I am going in for another round this week. I have such pangs of lethargy each day and just feeling "off" that I want to see if something is wrong or if those have gotten worse. After last weekend's long run of death that I quit after 10 miles on then slept the rest of the day I honestly didn't feel back to normal until I ran long Sunday this week. I listened to my body and really had an easier week overall.

Monday - Cross Train - biked 20.21 miles + 30 min full body strength circuit. Was up at the crack of dawn due to sleeping so much on Sunday and the humidity was around 85%. I said hell no to running!

Tuesday - 5 miles @ 9:26 - stomach was off for the first time in a long time.

Wednesday - 3.25 miles @ 9:13 felt harder than it should have.

Thursday - Day of rest!!! aka forced because 4 maragarita Wednesday night had me feeling craptastic and there was no way in hell a workout was happening in any way shape or form. Date night SUCCESS!

Friday - 3.25 miles @ 9:13 (treadmill) honestly wanted to skip running when I felt the humidity but knew it would not happen after work since I was heading down to the beach house right after...decided to test out the new Mizuno Wave Rider 17's on the treadmill as a compromise. Legs felt rested finally, torn on the shoes though they felt good as far as the right amount of cushion etc. but the toe box feels more narrow and the arch support more present than the 16's. Time will tell, but not sure this will be my marathon shoe. 

Also evening strength + core work.

Saturday -  After reading everyone's tweets and posts about awful conditions - I turned my planned few miles (really just "junk" miles) into a 90 minute swim session. I did 10 laps easy free, 1 hard free, 2 breast, 2 kicking - repeat a bazillion times. Felt so good to be in the water! 

Sunday - Fasted long run. I woke up at the crack of dawn and realized I needed to just get out there and run and not think about it (aka not talk myself out of running or start dreading it). So in my half asleep daze I forgot to eat or drink anything before running out the that is what I do during the week. 

Luckily 2 miles in passed a Dunkin' on the beach and have the app so was able to grab a bottle of water. But this became a fasted long run. Unintentional. I felt it a lot at times (I hadn't eaten much on Saturday in general)
10.5 miles @ 10:17 - splits: 10:05, 10:25, 10:36, 10:26, 10:26, 10:23, 10:17, 10:27, 10:11, 10:11, 8:55 (.5)

Total Miles: 22 (running only) 

A bit lower but a) this was a planned cut back week - even with the failed 18 last week, I didn't want to mess with the next coming weeks (20 and 22 mile long runs before taper) to adjust to higher mileage b) I only ran 4 days this week. So, it is what it is!

Holy crap 2 more weeks before TAPER! Yay? Maybe? 


  1. Definitely am feeling the same way Gianna. That is marathon training unfortunately....but Vit D deficiency doesn't help. hang in there, and keep listening to your body, it will pay off when you come to taper time. We can do this :)

  2. I think your feelings are totally normal! You're putting in the work- hopefully it will show on race day! :)