Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 15

And just like that folks...we are tapering. I completed my final long long run after a stupid crazy Saturday which included a 5K, trapeze class and bachelorette party...and couldn't be happier that I will not be running anything over 2 1/2 hours until the marathon! 

I should probably PLAN my taper more but I just know what my long runs look like. I will reduce most likely 80% of my max week total this week. So mileage goal is in the mid 30's this week, probably down to 30 next and 2-3 runs the week of the marathon to shake out. 

I feel confident in the mileage and way my body is responding (aka I am treating it like shit in recovery and it is bouncing back just fine) but have no clue about pace come race day. I am pretty okay with that to be honest. Whatever happens, happens. I am not going to go in trying to hit any pace. I am going to see how my body feels that day and the goal is to give it all I've got - this marathon I don't want to finish feeling like I could have given more. NYC and Space Coast absolutely but not Chicago.

And here was last week's training:

Monday - Cross Train - 60 minutes of boredom on the Arc.

Tuesday - 8.1 miles for the day - double. Morning - 5.1 miles @ 9:15 / Evening 3 miles @ 10:20

Wednesday - 5 miles @ 9:11 - mostly easy with 1-3 min pickups at 5K pace throughout

Thursday - 6 miles @ 10:05 - my legs were pretty trashed at this point and ready to rest! It is good to feel like you have EARNED the rest day. 

Friday - Rest Day! The only workout that took place was lifting wine glass to mouth. 

Saturday - 5 miles total - 1 mile w/u 5K (27:32 - 8:53 pace) 1 mile c/d

Sunday - 20 miles @ 10:45 (guesstimate) Garmin died and still to come to life. I ran some, then ran a half marathon, then ran some more. It was humid and hot as a mofo, I was tired as a mofo, and never been more excited to be entering into taper in my life. Okay, exaggeration but staring at 13-14 on tap for this weekend seems like a walk in the park! 

Total Miles: 44.1 miles for the week! holla! 

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  1. Isn't it crazy that taper time is here already!!! Scary stuff, but the work is done! Time to enjoy it, and start looking at the 10 day forecast :P