Thursday, May 2, 2013

The (Non) NJ Marathon Plan

ALMOST TIME. As if I haven't proclaimed and posted that everywhere.

I am doing my best to distract myself since I am not working out much. A big shout out to work for keeping my hours insane this week - you rock!

One shake out run now stands between myself and 26.2. A quick recap of what I did so far this week:

Monday: 60 AGONIZING minutes on the elliptical...followed by 1 Mile @ 8:50 pace
Tuesday: 4 Miles @ 8:48 pace
Wednesday: 3.26 Miles @ 9:14 pace

Now rest and rest and then shakeout then MARATHON!

So as we know, I was all full of goals and expectations for my first marathon in January. And we all saw how that panned out.

I am mighty damn proud of that 4:33 but clearly I had planned on a different outcome. Lesson learned marathons are hard, until you do one, just plan to run!

So now, as I am oh so wise and experienced (laugh with me on that one) I am ready to conquer number 2.

Except, I have approached training quite differently this time. As in, I was not as anal as I was the first time around. I was so focused on run run run that was all I did for two months prior to Miami.

This time around, I was still cross training and weight lifting. And doing a lot of lifting of food to my face.

Which, while my running is strong, my halfs were not as great as fall and I am just now back to fall racing weight. So as far as predicting how the marathon will turn out, your guess is as good as mine.

My final 20 miler was amazeballs and paced at 9:39 - through the hills of Central Park - so that could translate well to the flat NJ course.

Then again - 2 weeks ago I did the Asbury Half and totally tanked. Maybe it was the winds, tight hip or shoes but still the flat terrain didn't do anything for my pace.

So honestly - this marathon - I think anything can happen. My paces have been faster on rested legs and the weather report is looking just fabulous but anything can happen as they say; Any Given Sunday (whatever football, running same scenario).

So here are my "goals". Or whatever.

A: 4:15 = 9:43 pace
B: 4:22 = 10:00 pace
C: 4:30 = 10:17 pace

Honestly, I want to PR from Miami and anything else will just be icing on the cake.

I have seriously thought about not wearing my Garmin at all, but who am I kidding that is just stupid.

But I am not going to be a slave to it. I am good enough with pacing to know if I am out of the gates throwing down 8 minute splits. I will just try to get into a comfortable groove. If for some reason that is 9 minute miles okay. 10 minute okay as well.

Can't wait to see how this "laid back" approach turns out for me.

My bigger concern is finalizing my outfit. I can't decide what color tank to wear!!! This is giving me anxiety folks trying to pick it out. So many options so little time. OR new outfit because that is a fantastic plan of attack for a marathon.

Who else is going to be rocking out in NJ this weekend marathoning? Anyone?


  1. You are SO ready!! Can't wait to cheer you on come Sunday!!! (if I'm cheering for the half I'll see you full marathoners, right?)

  2. Good luck!!!! Have a great run and enjoy #2 :)