Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's Talk 2013 Plans and Goals...

Oh hey February...errrr middle of February...

I waited on posting anything about my official plans for the year as I was waiting to run the Miami Marathon. I didn't want to talk about what I had planned post marathon thinking that I would be jinxing it! 

But first, I would just like to thank Ali and her various references to it, as I am not completely and utterly obsessed with this time suck called Bejeweled. 

I downloaded this on Sunday in a semi hungover bored state and needing something to amuse me while I watched movies in bed all day...and I have subsequently lost hours of my life. 

Moving on.

So right those goals and such for 2013!

Well obviously I can knock a big one off my list: run my first marathon! done and done.

But what else is in store...well this is a work in progress but I have a few main races that I will be looking to conquer/PR at...

  • Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 New York - this is the race that 2 years ago got me hooked on distance and I am returning for the 3rd time and looking to sub 1:50! (current PR 1:53:14) I have my work cut out for me but I'm going for it
  • More Fitness Women's Half Marathon - my sister is making her way up from Florida to run this and it will be my second year - I love this race, I love the atmosphere, the support on the course...it is a great time. I will be using this as a training run in part for...
  • New Jersey Marathon   - yup going back for another 26.2 - my goal for this race is to just beat my current marathon time of 4:33 and then I got a little crazy
  • The Dirty German 50K  - yup I am dipping my toes into Ultra territory shortly after the marathon...I am just looking to have fun and conquer a new distance - I mean it's "just" 5 extra miles, right?
  • ING Hartford Marathon - this will be my attempt to get to 4 hours for the full...I improved a LOT in the fall after training in the summer heat and think that might be a recipe for success for me. I'm gunning for a kick ass race here...and funny enough an ING CT employee read my recap on Miami and emailed me suggesting Hartford just confirming that this was to be my fall goal marathon.
So there you have it. This race calendar is by no means complete I know I will throw some other 10K's, 15K's, 10 milers and half's in as they crop up (I actually got a FREE entry to the Brooklyn 15K ) so that is on the agenda in April...but last year I signed up for a million and one races (something like 25 in total last year...) and I don't want to do that to myself. 

I think by having time goals for two separate races, the half in spring and the full in the fall - I will be able to train properly and succeed at both. I don't want kill myself and learned you can't always go all out. I know that yes I have marathons and an ultra on there - but I feel that I had so much more in Miami and the heat got the better of me that saying I want to PR it shouldn't take the life out of me. Plus you also get a nifty medal if you do that and the Allstate Half!! Extra bling, sign me up!

I think that this is going to be one awesomely crazy, kick ass year for running! Bring it on, I am SO excited!

What are your goal races? Do you plan your year out or just months at a time?


  1. Yay you're doing NJ! I'm doing the half :)

    My big goal race, for now, is the NYC Half. We'll see how that goes and then I'll know what my goals are for the Nike DC and NJ Long Branch halfs! And then, of course, the big big goal race is the Chicago Marathon. I want to go sub-4, but realize that's a crazy goal, and honestly the biggest goal is to finish because, uh, it's a marathon!

    1. Yes! Awesome, we should definitely plan a meet up - although I would love to do some running before then!

      I'm excited for you and NYC - your training has been so on point I think that this race is going to go really well for you.

      And I say the bigger the goals the better. I'm a fan of aiming high!

  2. oooh you've got some great races coming up.
    I just really, really, really want to go and run a race - or just run by myself even!! - anywhere in new york. that's a dream of mine!

    1. Yes I am definitely excited for what is in store, and a tad nervous!

      If you get to New York, I would love to run with you! You are awesome!