Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Farewell Nut Butters & Hello Twitter

Today is a sad is the start of Lent which usually ties in to "giving something up" that you love.

Well, I enjoy a good challenge and in the spirit of things (since I kind of "forgot" today was Ash Wednesday until my Mom's friendly reminder last night - bad little Catholic) I am bidding good bye to nut butters for the duration. 

It's been real...see you in 40 days my delicious little friend. I am hoping for an Easter basket filled with almond/cashew/macadamia (I don't discriminate) goodness.

I am also giving up something I love equally. The snooze button. 

I'm not sure which is a bigger challenge.

Resetting my alarms accordingly, since I know that my 5:00am gym wake up really means jumping (errr...rolling/falling) out of bed at more like 5:30.

I have also said hello (long overdue) to this whole Twitter thing.

So go ahead and FOLLOW ME!!!! 

Or teach me how to use it...well no I understand how to use it, but for now it's empty, so nothing earth shattering shared on there just yet. But I am sure I will hop on the Twitter bandwagon with gusto soon enough. 

Not sure why I waited so long to join up, but I love social media so here we go! Hopefully not another time suck. 

Are you "giving" anything up for Lent? 

Any words of advice for Twitter?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. aww I don't have twitter..bummer :(

    oooh, I think giving up the snooze button is a very different and GREAT thing to give up. I would find that EXTREMELY hard!

  2. Don't know how you're giving up nut butters, but I salute you ;)

    YAY you're on Twitter! Exciting!! My one word of advice would be not to use it as a means of complaining. Not that I think you would, but I do notice a few bloggers who seem to use it only to complain. Obviously an occasional complaint is totally fine, but if that's all you tweet about, it seems so negative!

    Anyway, excited you're on Twitter. Follow me @jensbestlife so we can tweet :)