Friday, February 8, 2013

Random Friday Things

Happy Friday! 

For all those living in the North East - enjoy the snow. The pandemonium is slightly absurd I'm ready for a good old snow fight. However for your entertainment please read this.

I would also like to thank Saturday's spin class for this gem that has been added to my playlist (and on repeat) love love love some Pitbull!

So as we enter the weekend, I  must say my training has been awesome this week. I figured I would listen to my body and if I started to feel any post marathon twinges from diving head first back into my usual mileage that I would back off. But low and behold I'm feeling fantastic. Training went a little something like this:

Monday - morning upper body weights / night 6 miles progression ending just under HM pace

Tuesday - 8 x 400 intervals (recovered at 400 still working on that stamina thing with speed) + some core work

Wednesday - 6 mile tempo run + upper body - held on to HM pace for a couple miles...hoping that in a few weeks things are back up to speed (haha get it? I'm a dork)

Thursday - 5 miles + legs - was going to keep it steady but started increasing pace every 1/2 mile or so and finished just over HM pace

Friday -  spinning this morning! + core work 

All in all my feelings are that I definitely lost strength and speed during marathon training BUT I think that they can come back pretty quickly. Also still surprised that I am not feeling post marathon lethargy/soreness. Go body go!

Along those lines a couple of my new years "resolutions" if you will were to STOP tracking my food and stop weighing myself. Happy to report I have not touched MyFitnessPal once and got a lovely surprise this morning. I hopped on the scale to kind of do a check in and see where I was at...and low and behold whatever weight I put on marathon training, has come off and I am within a couple pounds of where I was in the fall. 

That makes me happy. I have kind of been eating a lot especially leading up to the marathon and post on vacation. I got home last week and immediately back to clean eating and eating intuitively and happy to report am on the right track. 

I was driving myself a tad nuts as I had previously addressed regarding both the scale and food tracking. Coming from a former fat person (don't take offense, I was genuinely fat - about 80 pounds over where I am right now at my heaviest) and having slimmed down, I KNOW what to eat. I can still ballpark where I am at with my calories if I want to since I did it for SO long but I really didn't need to be tracking every morsel. And as today showed I clearly know what to do and what to eat to cut down the pounds (without being deprived thank you very much).

So here is to a happy snowy Friday! And that pretty much no one showed up to work today. Slackers.


  1. Is it weird that I like those days when so few people show up? I both feel like the hardest working person ever AND can get a lot of work done. Well, and also, I can listen to embarrassing music without judgment :)

  2. I think it's a great resolution to stop the scale! I really, truly believe that weight means NOTHING. I am a full size less now than I was 18 months ago but I am 5 pounds heavier, because my strength training and running re-shaped my body. So there you go!

    P.S. I love that you can understand that Marathon training does NOT equal weight loss!!