Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miami Marathon Plans & Goals

I don't think that the timing of this little vacation + marathon could be any better. It is getting progressively colder here in NYC and I have no tolerance for it! Enter touching down in Miami in less than 48 hours! 

With only a couple of little runs before the Marathon, I am officially STOKED. I was feeling terribly on Sunday so did my 8 yesterday - and my legs felt amazing. Rested and good. I kept the pace overall just under 9:30 and it felt like I was walking. I am hoping this translates to good things come race day.

Speaking of race day, I guess it is time to talk about my goals. 

Okay, I know - this is my first marathon, the goal should be to finish. But, I can't help it. I feel like it isn't the worst thing going in with pacing plans in mind.

According to my buddies at McMillan Running and the calculators that I use on a daily basis (attempting to return a different result? I'm not sure):

This is based on my most recent Half Marathon time - my PR from the Trenton Half in November.

So based on this here are my goals:

A - 4 hours - McMillan thinks I can do that...me mehhhh

B - 4:10 - that would put me pacing at 9:30

C - Sub 4:30 - for some reason I have it in my head that if all else fails I want to be below this

My strategy is to go out as close to 9:30 as possible. I am pretty good at holding off on the pace. Actually that has been my downfall I think in the past with my half marathons that come the end I have SO much left in me that I end feeling I could have left a lot more out there. 

I am super scared of crashing - and as you know when it comes to distance if you bonk out and especially in the marathon - it's going to be an unpleasant few hours!

So, start at 9:30 and begin to ease my way down from there. If I could hold around 9:15 that would be okay with me and toward the last quarter of the race (after 20) push a bit more. 

Not going to lie though, the closer I can get to 4 hours the better.

Since we are heading to Miami Thursday morning, it will give us a chance to do one last couple miles of shake out in the weather there which will be crucial. I lucked out being in Florida for Christmas - and did a few really significant runs including a 20 miler so I am not feeling too bad about the heat.

Plus - the temps for the day have us starting around 60 and peaking at 74 for the day so it isn't looking (thus far) too daunting temperature wise. 

For anyone interested...they have live tracking available for the marathon here and my bib number is 3015!

Now I just need to organize and pack and stop at the running store for some more nuun and to see if they finally have my favorite Gu in stock! 

It is so close I can't even take it. 

And of course if anyone has any tips, goals, pace advice etc. I am ALL EARS!


  1. good luck! mcmillian has always been a little more confident in my abilites than my numbers have shown. it has donw a good job predicting my times up to half-mary, but i have not cracked it's dreams for me in the marathon yet!
    my advice would be to enjoy the moments that feel good, bc they will not last and grit through the nasty moments by knowing that they too will not last. take a moment to really savor the finish line - there is nothing like the first!

    1. Thanks! I am feeling the same way toward mcmillian - although - I am the opposite - if you put in my times at lower mileage it comes up with lower half mary times - and I hit around that time 4 halfs this past fall. But I mean doubling the distance...I'm not really counting on it.
      I can't wait to cross that finish line, I keep visualizing the race and I am sure it will be a little emotional!

  2. I think 4:00 is definitely in your future!! Good luck!!! Oh, and I'm super jealous of you escaping the Arctic Tundra.

    1. Perfectly timed - although have to say training through the winter - good for staying on track, bad for 20 milers!

      And thanks! Whatever happens in Miami, I know I will have an amazing experience!

  3. oh my gosh, I am SOOOO excited for you! first marathon!! I'm hoping for a first later this year.
    You will do great! enjoy this experience and I can't waait to hear about it!

    1. Thank you thank you! Good or bad you will hear how it goes :)
      I can't believe it is here!