Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marathon Eve

So here we are the day before the marathon.

Let's recap the past few days...

Tuesday woke up with a sore throat
Wednesday my entire head wanted to explode
Thursday arrived in Miami

Proceeded to work on my tan and lay next to the pool for the next couple days.

Ran an easy 3 miles Friday morning. They felt amazing.

Some great meals and good times.

Then today...wake up everything is on the right track planning to hit the expo grab lunch lay by the pool and do nothing.

Sigh should know better. Went to the wrong place for the expo. Add an extra hour on to our adventure. Then the car is dead and insert the last adventure we wanted to have on the day before the marathon.

Brings is to after 2 no one has eaten and stress level is high.

Being hangry is a dangerous thing.

So here is to the car starting us girls eating and then getting off our feet and getting some much needed rest.

Stress level needs to subside.

Has been far from the ideal week I was hoping for prior to the marathon.

But on the other hand. So OMG freaking excited. It's almost go time.


  1. Ahh I'm sorry you've had a stressful day pre-marathon but you're still going to ROCK it tomorrow!!! I cannot WAIT to read your recap!!!

    I absolutely can't wait to hear about it. Thinking of you!! You got this!